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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

About Speaker

Vaibhav is working as Senior Tech Lead at TietoEvry with more than 14 years of professional experience. Vaibhav is a strategic solutions provider with diversified experience in various techno-functional areas such as Software Development, Architecture Design and Decisions, Product Engineering, and Agile implementation with a strong customer focus.

Vaibhav Akole

Senior Tech Lead at  Tietoevry

Interactive Talk - Building Fortresses - Crafting a Resilient DevSecOps Ecosystem

Building Fortresses – Crafting a Resilient DevSecOps Ecosystem


To truly understand the essence of shift-left and the challenges it addresses, let’s begin by exploring why security has become a bottleneck in the seamlessly flowing DevOps pipeline. Once we’ve grasped the issue at hand, we’ll delve into how it is actively working to resolve these challenges and examine its real-world implementation. The adoption of robust security testing practices is crucial for identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats.

Hear what Vaibhav and Swapnil have to say about the interactive session
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