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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

About Speaker

A tech enthusiast and brand strategist for quality engineering and a digital native speaker. Working as a Quality Assurance Architect/Senior Automation Architect at Dentsu World Services and also a PCI DSS committee member. Experienced individual who specializes in presenting complex technical topics in a clear and engaging manner in the field of Quality Engineering.More inclined towards Quality Engineering and Left shift approach. Hands-on with Test Automation Framework development and enhancement.
Manages Quality practice and focuses on tech transformations, ensuring top quality Assurance practice across the organization. Off from tech, love to travel, and am an avid photographer.

Chidambaram Vetrivel

QA Architect at  Dentsu World Services

Interactive Talk - Revolutionizing Security Testing with AI

Revolutionizing Security Testing with AI


We are going to comprehensive review and in-depth analysis of the existing testing approaches that has been performed to analyse the effectiveness and applicability under various scenarios. We are proposing a taxonomy of Security Testing that has been carried out across various eCommerce application and carefully designed a Security Checklist that is integrated with AI  it acts as a key approach to ensure we don’t miss any security Bugs.

  • It automates certain tasks to help in identifying vulnerabilities more accurately. It scan major scenarios and identify potential vulnerabilities
  • It also analyses the data and identify patterns that may be indicative of potential attack.
  • It also points out potential vulnerabilities and suggest quick solutions on higher ground.

The Security Checklist has been approved widely across various Audit Organizations and it has been highlighted in PCI DSS Audit. We will elaborately talk about this checklist and its uses.



Hear what Chidambaram and Venkatesh have to say about the interactive session
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