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I am Nikhil Jain, currently serving as the Associate Director at Marsh McLennan. With over 17 years of professional experience, my expertise spans program and client management, global deliveries, as well as the design of test architectures and automation frameworks using specialized tools and technologies.  My forte lies in the delivery of high-quality software solutions, achieved through the implementation of industry-leading strategies and best practices within Agile and DevOps frameworks. My innovative mindset drives me to develop creative solutions, simplifying complex processes and problem-solving, which I find both rewarding and inspiring. Over the course of my career, I have cultivated a wealth of experience across various domains, including telecom, banking, finance, insurance, and e-commerce, making me well-prepared and eager to take on new challenges as they arise.

Nikhil Jain

Associate Director at Marsh McLennan

Interactive Talk - Catch All Mail With Graph

Catch All Mail With Graph

Problem Statement :

  1. MFA & Activation/Verification links

Applications send the OTP, Activations/Verification links on emails

  1. Multiple Test Account Setup Scenarios

Required new email each time for test account setup

Challenge on creation and retrieval of the accounts


Solution : Catch All Mail with Graph

Catches all the email with any prefix to domain/subdomain caught on single mailbox

Creates thousands of active email ids in a moment without any need of active users

Email content retrieved through APIs without sharing the credentials




              As all the projects are going web way and the applications need to be more secured to avoid cyber-attacks. More security means more multiple layers implemented consequently more complex scenarios to be tested. One of the most preferred ways to secure the access is enabling multiple factor authentication.

Usually, the account activated once can be reused for activation scenarios and email id associated with the account can’t be reused until account is deleted. This becomes a bottle neck as

  1. A new email id is needed every time and
  2. The email id needs to be associated with active user

In reality, its not possible to create so many email ids or a lot of workarounds are needed. Catchall mailbox comes for the rescue in these type scenarios.


Modus operandi of catch all mailbox:

  1. Configure a catch all mailbox with any domain or subdomain e.g. catchall@example.com or catchall@sub.example.com
  2. Any email with any prefix to domain/subdomain @example.com/@sub.example.com will be retrieved on catchall mailbox. e.g. mails sent to 123@example.com, xyz@example.com , mno@example.com will be received on a single mailbox. The best part is , no need to create these mailboxes, prefix can be any
  3. Access the emails through Basic authentication or oAuth

Note: If the environment is secured and basic authentication/oAuth is not enabled, Graph API can be used



  1. Reusability : One time configuration to configure catch all mailbox, used by everyone
  2. Ease of Use : Integration with single line of code
  3. Quick Results : Return the results as soon as mail is received
  4. One for All : One mailbox for multiple test accounts
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