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Priya Tandon, serves as the ‘Head of Operation Excellence’ at Tietoevry’s Care Business, steering operations in a thriving environment with a turnover exceeding 250 million €. At Tietoevry Care, a catalyst for modernizing health and care in the Nordics, Priya champions initiatives that drive efficiency, consistency, and precision. In her role, she directs her focus towards enhancing business processes, ensuring a pinnacle of productivity, quality, and efficiency across engineering operations, thereby delivering significant value to customers, employees, and stakeholders alike. With a robust professional tenure spanning 28 years, Priya has been instrumental in spearheading the creation and launch of numerous large-scale commercial and enterprise software products. Renowned for her adept organizational leadership, she fosters a culture of innovation conducive to developing complex IT solutions. Recognized as an inspiring figure, Priya infuses enthusiasm and energy into every interaction, shaping her as a dynamic leader within the industry. An ardent advocate of agility, Priya actively engages with diverse Agile forums and communities. Her passion extends to coaching software professionals, steering their career development through multifaceted platforms and mediums. As the founder of SHExcels, a dedicated platform for women in technology, Priya champions diversity and empowerment within the tech landscape.

Priya Tandon

Head of Operation Excellence at Tietoevry Care

Keynote Session - Beyond Limits: Scaling Productivity for Business Transformation

Beyond Limits: Scaling Productivity for Business Transformation

Hear what Priya has to say about the keynote session
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