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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

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With 12+ years in web, mobile, and API testing, Monish is a seasoned QA leader. Proficient in various Automation tools, he has mastered tools like Selenium, Grafana K6, Jmeter, Postman. Domain expertise spans Insurance and Payment Gateway. Monish also recently received the Postman Supernova badge and K6 Champion badge.

Monish Correia

QA Lead at  HDFCLife

Hands on Lab (60 mins) - Unleashing the Power of K6: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Made Easy

Unleashing the Power of K6: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Made Easy


This presentation aims to provide a comprehensive guide to K6, an open-source load testing tool, covering
various aspects from installation to generating insightful reports. The presentation will begin with a step-by-step
guide on how to install K6 on different platforms, ensuring a smooth setup process for users.


Moving forward, we will dive into running K6 with scripts, discussing the structure and syntax of creating
performance testing scripts using JavaScript. Additionally, we will explore how ChatGPT, a powerful language
model, can assist in generating K6 scripts by leveraging its natural language processing capabilities. This
exciting integration bridges the gap between human-readable test scenarios and machine-executable scripts,
streamlining the script creation process.


Furthermore, the presentation will delve into the core functionalities of K6, including load generation, virtual
users, and scenarios. We will explore how to define realistic load patterns and simulate various user behaviors to
accurately mimic real-world scenarios. Attendees will gain valuable insights on how to design effective test
scenarios that align with their specific use cases.


To complement the testing process, the presentation will provide an overview of K6’s reporting capabilities. We
will discuss how to generate detailed reports that showcase key performance metrics, such as response times,
throughput, and error rates. Attendees will learn how to interpret and analyze these metrics to identify
performance bottlenecks and make informed decisions for optimization.


Throughout the presentation, practical demonstrations and code snippets will be showcased, ensuring a hands-on
learning experience for the audience. Best practices and tips for optimizing test scripts and performance tests
will also be shared, enabling attendees to leverage K6 effectively in their own projects.


By the end of this presentation, attendees will have a solid understanding of K6’s installation process, how to
create and run performance testing scripts using JavaScript, the role of ChatGPT in script generation, and how to
generate insightful reports for performance analysis. Armed with this knowledge, attendees will be
well-equipped to harness the power of K6 to ensure robust and high-performing systems in their respective


Workshop Content:

  1. How to Install K6
  2. How to run K6 with scripts
  3. How does ChatGPT help us generate the K6 scripts
  4. How to generate the report
  5. How to use K6 Cloud

Lab Requirements: 

Node.js: k6 is built on Node.js, so you must have Node.js installed on your system. You can download and
install Node.js from the official Node.js website (https://nodejs.org). It is recommended to install the LTS
(Long Term Support) version.


People using Windows Laptop, should download installer file for K6 from below location:

Hear what Monish has to say about the hands on lab session
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