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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

About Speaker

I am Subhendra Mohan Patnaik.I am from Odisha.Currently I am working on mpokket as a SDET.Hobbies are playing cricket, cooking.

Subhendra Mohan Patnaik

SDET at mPokket

Hands on Lab (60 mins) - Performance Testing with Postman

Performance Testing with Postman


Performance testing is a critical aspect of software development that ensures your application can handle the expected load and perform effectively under various conditions. In this session, we’ll delve into the world of performance testing using a powerful and versatile tool: Postman.

Table content:

Introduction to Performance Testing
2Role and Significance in Software Development
3Why Postman for Performance Testing
4Versatility and Adaptability
5Key Concepts in Performance Testing
6Setting Up Performance Tests
7Executing Performance Tests with Postman
8Interpreting and Analyzing Test Results
9Conclusion: Unleashing Application Potential
10Q&A Session

Lab Requirements:

Postman Desktop


Hear what Bairagi and Subhendra have to say about the hands on lab session
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