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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

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Sachin Sharma is a dedicated agile enthusiast with a rich background in software testing, boasting more than a decade of hands-on experience in quality assurance practices. One of Sachin’s core passions lies in promoting and nurturing a holistic team-based approach to testing and overall quality assurance. Sachin takes pride in sharing his knowledge by training and educating individuals on agile processes and test craftsmanship. He consistently strives to educate and involve every team member in the testing process, ensuring that everyone comprehends the significance of quality and actively contributes to its attainment. Sachin is a co-founder of the Test Chat Community and he is an active contributor for multiple testing communities. Beyond his professional interests, Sachin is an avid writer and reader in the realm of software testing. In his personal life, he’s a die-hard football enthusiast, staying fully immersed in the world of football by constantly updating himself with the latest information and playing the game on a daily basis.

Sachin Sharma

Senior Manager -QA  at adidas

Interactive Talk - Testing Fitness: Dieting guide for healthy test process.

Testing Fitness: Dieting guide for healthy test process.

In the era of fast-paced market deliveries, testing plays a vital role in overall release cycle, serving as a crucial connection point for everyone in the organisation striving to deliver well-tested, high-quality features. Recognising the significance of the testing process- optimising , standardising, and streamlining this pivotal activity with a suitable approach becomes paramount. A meticulously crafted idea of aligning an intelligent approach that tackles challenges and offers solutions, embraces novel enhancement to the healthy testing process. Focusing the inevitable principles of time management and effective testimony will take centre stage during my talk. In my presentation, I’ll share insights from process assessment analysis, conducted in collaboration with many testing enthusiasts in the community. 

Join me to discover how the testing process can be optimised and learn effective work management, addressing major caveats of the testing process. I’ll also highlight some recommended practices to improve testing as an activity and avoiding common mistakes. Together, we’ll elevate our approach for healthy testing, driving us closer to product excellence.

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