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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

About Speaker

Nandini K

Software Test Engineer – L1 at Kongsberg Digital

Interactive Talk - Elements of Quality Engineering in remote IoT System

Elements of Quality Engineering in remote IoT System


Just automating functional test cases is not enough when we deal with remote Industrial IoT systems (mostly Linux machines). We need to custom engineer automated solutions to validate production scenarios like data gap, low bandwidth, Kubernetes pods, docker containers etc.


With automation scripts running on windows machine (UI actions in web browser), interacting with Linux machine simultaneously is a challenge. We have a solution on how to interact with Linux machines from automation scripts running on Windows agent machines; How to validate Kubernetes pods and logs; How to run queries in Influx DB containers.


We will also show a quick demo of our topic.


If it is a workshop you must give a table of content on topics that will covered along with durations. Please also mention requirements for the workshop if any.

Hear what Kirti and Nandini have to say about the interactive session
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