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I possess more than 11 years of experience in the field of Performance Testing and Engineering. Currently working as “Senior Associate” in Cognizant Technology Solutions. I hold certifications as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and a Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader.

I thrive on challenges, whether they come from life in general or from the applications I work with. I consistently apply my problem-solving skills to address complex performance issues, resulting in successful resolutions. There is immense satisfaction in resolving performance issues within applications and learn something new everyday.

Furthermore, I take charge of digital transformation initiatives to streamline processes for the team and enhance overall productivity. I view my clients as partners in our shared growth and success.

During my leisure time, I find solace and tranquility in nature.

Sujeet Kumar Maurya

Senior Associate at Cognizant 

Interactive Talk - Performance engineering with AI/ML

Performance engineering with AI/ML


With the evolution of AI/ML in every field it becomes inevitable to ignore AI/ML in NFT landscape. With the ever-growing complexities in the system, it becomes very important to have proper performance prediction of application under test and to have a system which can accurately find the root cause of performance issues based on the analysis of historical performance data. Customer satisfaction is the most significant Goal of an application.



Traditional ways of NFT require lots of manual efforts, time and may not be as accurate. Implementing AI/ML will reduce these efforts and optimize the efficiency of the performance engineering.


Benefit of AI/ML in Performance Engineering domain

Almost all the cloud providers like Google cloud and AWS nowadays provide great AI/ML models as a service which doesn’t require any specific level of expertise of AI/ML beforehand. Using these services team can integrate Performance suite with AI/ML capability. These models analyse the historical performance data and can predict the Application response times. This integrated framework will also help in predicting the Root cause of performance issues based on historical fixes provided for similar issues.


Some Key roles of AI/ML in Performance Testing and Engineering:



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