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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

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K. R. Akhil is a Lead Software Architect for Automation, with a decade of experience in the IT landscape. In his role, he architects robust automation frameworks for API, UI, and Mobile, showcasing expertise in driving quality assurance processes. Akhil is passionately committed to staying updated on the latest industry trends, contributing to efficient and reliable testing across diverse platforms.

K. R. Akhil

Lead Software Architect at Tietoevry

Interactive Talk - API Connect: Empowering Automation, Safeguarding Security, and Optimizing CI/CD

API Connect: Empowering Automation, Safeguarding Security, and Optimizing CI/CD


  • API Testing: Comprehensive examination of APIs. Demonstrating various types of validations to be considered for each HTTP method testing. Through diverse testing methodologies, we ensure the reliability of APIs, ensuring they fulfill the needs of both users and businesses effectively.
  • API Automation: Transforming selected API Test Cases into Automation. Utilizing frameworks to expedite the conversion process, automating the automation process. With a blend of Generative AI in API testing/automation.
  • Security: Security is paramount in the API landscape. Robust security testing practices help identify vulnerabilities, authentication issues, and potential threats to API integrity. By implementing security measures such as encryption, authorization checks, and secure coding practices, organizations can safeguard their APIs against malicious attacks and data breaches.
  • CI/CD: API automation integration with CI pipelines and reflecting result in Azure dashboards
Hear what Akhil and Yagnesh have to say about the interactive session
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