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Prabakaran D currently working as Senior Lead SDET at Cognizant Technology Solutions. He has around 10 years of experience in Software Quality Assurance with Expertise in Full Stack Test Automation. He has established industry standard automation solutions for various complex architectured applications. He is certified AWS cloud solution architect and Implemented cloud based innovative automation solutions. He is now Focused on AI driven Test Automation to accelerate Digital Transformation in Quality Assurance.

He likes Reading, Journalism and Spending time in nature that helps him to relax from the tech world.

Prabakaran D

Sr Associate at Cognizant

Interactive Talk - Contract Test Automation Architecture – A Solution To Validate Business Contracts through CI/CD pipeline

Contract Test Automation Architecture – A Solution To Validate Business Contracts through CI/CD


In the past, most organizations were using monolithic architecture-based application that often failed due to frequent inconsistencies and slowness to handle the transactions. Also, such applications are not agile and any wrong changes in application potentially can bring the whole system down. Due to this, all the organizations have started moving towards Microservice based distributed application architecture. And these applications were interacting with various internal and external systems to meet the End-to-End business goal. As there are various integrations between the applications, there will be some contract/agreement to exchange the data between the systems for every business flow. So, it’s important that, all the systems are aligned & followed with agreed business contracts. Because sometime there could be some design change either at consumer or provider side which may not be informed to other side systems. At that time, when the other side system performs the business validation, it will cause failure due to the changes in the design. That means agreed contract is broken and it’s violated between the applications. So, we need to perform Contract testing for every service at early stage to identify the contract related issues before getting into the business validation stage. Hence Contract Testing plays important role to ensure that application’s business contracts are adhered as per the agreement between internal and external systems.


In order to achieve this, we come up with an automated contract test solution to find contract violations of any business design. This solution consists of 3 stages i.e. Create-Contract, Upload-Contract & Verify-Contract to achieve the business validation of the Contracts. Post validation, the verification results will be published with detailed report. This contract test solution is hosted in cloud services (AWS EKS) to ensure the security during execution as it processes actual business contracts. This solution is integrated with Swagger deployment pipeline to achieve CI/CD implementation. So, Test pipeline is invoked automatically when there are any deployments in swagger pipeline.


This solution helps to detect the API contract violations in automated way without any manual effort. It helps to find the issues related to contract at early stage before getting into SIT phase. As the solution is executed in AWS EKS, It keeps the contracts secured while testing. This is scalable with any no of events and can be extended to any business domain APIs. Also, this can be leveraged to test both consumer and provider contracts. With the help of this solution, we can achieve remarkable effort and cost savings in the business.

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