Call For Papers

Welcome to #ATAGTR2024, the 9th edition of the Global Testing Retreat

The Call for Papers for #ATAGTR2024 is now officially open, and we’ve launched Round 1

We warmly invite all professionals and enthusiasts in the fields of technology and software testing to submit their proposals for the 9th edition of the Global Testing Retreat! Whether you have innovative ideas for interactive sessions or practical insights for hands-on workshops, your contributions are crucial to the success and vibrancy of our conference. Join us in shaping a forum where expertise, creativity, and global insights merge to redefine the landscape of technology and software testing. We eagerly anticipate your submissions and the unique perspectives you will bring to our global community.

You can submit your proposals for two formats.  

  1. Interactive Sessions (Max 25 mins + Max 5 mins QnA)
  2. Workshops (Max 45 mins + Max 15 mins QnA)


Duration: 30 mins (25 mins + 5 mins of Q&A)
Have you discovered a breakthrough case study, crafted an engaging demonstration, or formulated an innovative idea? If you’re eager to share your knowledge and spark discussions, #ATAGTR2024 is your stage.

These sessions give you 25 minutes to capture the imagination of attendees, followed by a 5-minute Q&A where you can dive deeper into your topic. We welcome submissions on suggested topics or any subject that stimulates the curiosity of the testing community. Come and inspire!


Duration: 60 mins (45 mins + 15 mins of Q&A)
Are you ready to lead a transformative session at #ATAGTR2024? We’re calling for proposals for our hands-on workshops and labs, where practical engagement is key.

This is your opportunity to guide attendees through the intricacies of new tools, methodologies, or best practices in Technology and Software Testing. Be bold and innovative—help us dive into the hands-on exploration of tech and testing!

ROUND 1 – Submission Details

Get ready to make your mark at #ATAGTR2024! We’re thrilled to announce the opening of Round 1 Abstract Submission. This is your opportunity to contribute your innovative ideas in Technology and/or Software Testing. One Speaker cannot submit more than 5 papers.  

Round 1 – Timelines
Abstract Submission Commences: 21st June 2024 
Last Date for Submission of Abstracts: 19th July 2024 
Selection Notification for Round 2: 5th August 2024

Please note: The timelines are subject to change if the Jury feels so without prior intimation, therefore, we request that you kindly check this page for regular updates.

For Round 1 submissions you have to download the template below. Fill the template with necessary details. Name the file with your Primary Author name and paper/workshop title. <Primary author> <Name Title of Paper>.docx or pdf.

Steps for submission


You can choose one of the following Subcategories or broad level areas

  1. Generative AI in Testing 
  2. Agile and DevOps in Testing 
  3. Accessibility Testing 
  4. AI / ML and other related areas. 
  5. Automated Visual Testing 
  6. Big Data Testing 
  7. Blockchain and Crypto Use Cases 
  8. Blockchain and Testing 
  9. Chaos Engineering 
  10. Cloud Testing 
  11. Compliance Testing 
  12. Computer System Validation 
  13. Data Testing 
  14. Exploratory Testing 
  15. Gamification in Testin 
  16. Hardware Testing 
  17. Immersive Testing 
  18. Inclusion in Testing – Accessibility Testing 
  19. Intelligent Automaton / AI driven Testing or Test Automation 
  20. Learning through Pitfalls and faults in Testing 
  21. Metaverse/ Virtual reality/ Augmented reality Testing 
  22. Model Testing 
  23. Performance Testing/ Engineering 
  24. Robotic Process Automation 
  25. Security Testing 
  26. Test Craftsmanship 
  27. Test Leadership and Management 
  28. Testing in the IoT world 
  29. Testing with AI and AI testing, Testing with Machine Learning and Data Science 
  30. Testing with and for customer experience 
  31. Test Strategy 
  32. Test Architecture and Frameworks 
  33. Test Management 
  34. Upskilling Talent 
  35. Usability Testing 
  36. Technical Agility 
  37. AI 
  38. Human Intelligence 
  39. Future Technologies 
  40. Others (any other not covered in any of the above areas) 

Note: The above topics are not just limited to the ones mentioned above. Go ahead and think outside the box. Also, remember that this could also be you shot at stand-up comedy, singing, dancing or to show case any other talent you have. There is something for everyone. After all, what is a retreat without some fun! 

Speaker Spotlight

Step into the spotlight at the 2024 Global Testing Retreat Conference!  Each session at #ATAGTR2024 is designed to feature one main speaker and, optionally, a co-speaker. This setup allows us to maintain the essence of each presentation, ensuring every voice is heard and each idea is shared effectively. Can't wait to see the magic you'll bring to our event!"

Apart from participating in this wonderful conference as a speaker and showcasing your talent at the global stage, as a speaker you would be entitled to following wonderful benefits.

Full conference pass: Primary Speaker and co-speaker (max 1) shall be granted a free entrance ticket to the all the 3 days of conference. Both virtual days and in-person day in Pune.

Honorarium: We also want to show our gratitude with a little something extra - an honorarium for all the speakers who get selected for presenting both as an interactive session or a workshop. The speaker honorarium would be INR 2500/- (Indian Rupees Two thousand and Five Hundred only) for all the speakers whether they would be presenting in the virtual days or in-person conference day in Pune.

Speaker honorarium is applicable for one primary author only. It can be divided equally between primary speaker and co-speaker on request. If you have multiple papers/workshops, speaker honorarium would be per paper/workshop.
Speaker honorarium is not applicable for guest/invited speakers.

All remunerations will be processed post conference within 1 month after completion of the event

Certificate and Speaker Trophies: All speakers (Primary speaker and Co-speaker(max 1)) will be given Speaker Trophies and certificates

Leader board points: Each submission in Round 1 carries a max of 100 points for their respective organizations. Speakers can be from different organizations. One Speaker cannot submit more than 5 papers. All submissions for Round 2 will garner leaderboard points of 200 points. Final selected speakers after round 2 will garner a max of 1000 points.

Video Interviews: All selected sessions and workshop speakers who would be presenting in the conference, would be video interviewed, showcased and spot lighted on social media. 

Speaker badges: Each speaker will get a speaker badge that they can showcase on social media.

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