Abstract Submissions

Abstract Submissions

For Round 2 you need to submit two* things:

1. Presentation/PPT (in the prescribed template)
2. Self Recorded video about you and what you are going to cover in the session.

For Round 2 Submission,

1Shweta SharmaAxelerant TechnologiesAdvanced Automated Visual Regression TestingSelected for Round 2
2Nagesh DeshpandeCynosure, A Zensar CompanyEnd to End Testing using TestCafeSelected for Round 2
3Shweta SharmaAxelerant TechnologiesBuilding flourishing testing teams
4Deepak KoulRed HatBuilding a distributed synthetic monitoring system with Puppeteer and JenkinsSelected for Round 2
5Mahesh MEllucianShift Testing Left-Right-LeftSelected for Round 2
6Pawan KumarHach (A Danaher Group)Testing for Microservice App using Azure Service Fabric ClusterSelected for Round 2
7Chandralekha R, Nageshwari KCognizantTips and Tricks on advance JMeter Usage like mobile, live stream, IoT, Bitcoin performance testingSelected for Round 2
8Kunal AsharWorks ApplicationsExternalization of Testcase for Quick DeliverySelected for Round 2
9Mayank MahajanGuavus A Thales CompanyObstacles and Solutions to Continuous Testing
10Rajeswaran NamasivayamIndium SoftwareConstraint Analysis in adopting Agile Methodologies
11Kushan Shalindra AmarasiriCodehouse (Pvt) LtdTest Automation Made Awesome with Jalenium
12Anju M DominicQuadraLogicsTest driving your infrastructureSelected for Round 2
13Ranjith TharayilQuadraLogicsTest driving Self learning systems to continuous deliverySelected for Round 2
14Brajesh ParwalAccentureMachine Learning Best Practices in Financial Services
15Kartik DhokaaiRapidOps IncCustomers journey is directly proportional to testing
16Manoj TiwariOpenText TechnologiesEvolution of a tester/developer to become a Craftsman
17Himani Yadav,
Brijesh Deb
Conquer the world in 9 hours as a Leader in Testing!
Selected for Round 2
18Madhavi Patel,
Amruta Dungarwal
Cognizant Technology SolutionsAWS Performance Testing - How To Do It Right..!!
Selected for Round 2
19Nikhil Bhandari Gibraltar India Development CenterQuality Engineering journey from shift left to shift right and beyondSelected for Round 2
20Madhuri JadhavFujitsu Consulting IndiaQAOps - Approaches and Best Practices to yield the best outcomes
21Niruphan Rajendran,
Karthikeyan Lakshminarayanan
Cognizant Worldwide LimitedAdopt Non-Functional Testing to realise the full potential of Connected Devices
Selected for Round 2
22Avik Chatterji,
Gautam Kar
Cognizant Worldwide Limited Non-Functional Testing of Chatbots
Selected for Round 2
23Parish SharmaHSBCEvery Arjun needs a Krishna! Do you have a Krishna? Can you be someone's Krishna?Selected for Round 2
24Nitin JainTietoEvryIncrease Testing Revenue with right stepSelected for Round 2
25Hina Sharma,
Nilambari Shirodkar
IBM India Pvt. Ltd.Relish your journey to Software Testing Masterchef
Selected for Round 2
26Vaibhav Balkhande TietoEvryJamo Automator Mobile Automation ToolSelected for Round 2
27Kartik Shukla ContCentric IT Services Pvt. Ltd.First Impression counts : Optimize Customer Experience with testing
28Pallavi ShettyEdgeverve Systems Pvt LTDPerformance Tuning approach for SparkSelected for Round 2
29Rajesh Gaddipati,
Dipen Ravel
Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt Ltd.The Indispensable role of Testing in Business Intelligence projects
Selected for Round 2
30Vivek Tiwari Infosys Ltd. Design ThinkingSelected for Round 2
31Giri Shankar Ravichandran,
Sabari Raghavan
Cognizant Technology SolutionsDigitalization in Medical Device Industry and its scope for NFT
32Ravi Upadhyay,
Gowrishankar Ramesh
Deloitte Consulting LLPX Factor of Interoperability Testing in IOT World - Making Agile Testing Effective
Selected for Round 2
33Anuradha Mane TietoEvry India Pvt Ltd Ticket Analytics using AI/MLSelected for Round 2
34Preethi J,
Priyanka R
Cognizant Technology SolutionsEnd-to-End Performance Testing for ChatBot Framework
Selected for Round 2
35Arunraj Karnam,
Vivek Rajagopalan
Cognizant Technology SolutionsGraphQL for CICD integration Selected for Round 2
36Deepak Koul,
Jhalak Kalra
Red HatWhat is killing the test automation value - An empirical analysis
Selected for Round 2
37Eswari MCognizant Technology SolutionsCorporate Challenge! Know-it-all..Selected for Round 2
38Bhargav MurarisettyAmdocsHow to Achieve Machine learning with Test AutomationSelected for Round 2
39Yingjun YeCognizantPerformance Testing Strategy for Wearable Devices
40Avik Chatterji Cognizant Technology SolutionsMeasuring performance KPIs for Voice and handheld devices in WarehouseSelected for Round 2
41Arnab Majumdar Cognizant Worldwide Limited Transforming non-functional testing using AIOps CapabilitiesSelected for Round 2
42Lavanya Kalaiselvan,
Arnab Majumdar
Cognizant Technology SolutionsRedefining DevOps for seamless performance testing
Selected for Round 2
43Thothathiri Kallapiran Sadagopan Cognizant Worldwide Limited GraphQL - The Future of Data TransmissionSelected for Round 2
44Thothathiri Kallapiran Sadagopan Cognizant Worldwide Limited Cyber Security involving AI & MLSelected for Round 2
45Balaji PonnadaZenQLet's talk 'Testing in IoT'
46Sanket Mali,
Sowjanya Asapu
Larsen & Toubro Infotech (LTI)Multiplatform Test Automation Framework Solution with CI/CD model
Selected for Round 2
47Anirudda BiswasWorld Tiny Solutions How can you contribute to security as a Functional tester Selected for Round 2
48Rahul Pethani ContCentric IT Services Pvt LtdWorkflow Testing: 10 Scenarios to be Covered by Testers for Better ImplementationSelected for Round 2
49Veeresh Erched,
Arun Narayanswamy
Amadeus Software Labs India Pvt LtdNew era of testing in Agile and DevOPS deployments for applications migrating to cloud
Selected for Round 2
50Arun Kumar Dhakshinamoorthy Cognizant Technology SolutionsUnmanned Aerial Vehicle Performance Testing StrategySelected for Round 2
51Geosley AndradesCornerstone OnDemandThink Big. Think Cloud – In a quest to find the silver lining, testing with AWSSelected for Round 2
52Sumit Mundhada Vodafone(VOIS) World of Automated Visual TestingSelected for Round 2
53Sarah Lovely S,
Sagaya Raj,
Arul Roseline
Cognizant Technology SolutionsMonitoring Solution for Kubernetes (K8S)
Selected for Round 2
54Lukesh AuteCognizant Technology SolutionsPerformance Testing Strategy for Robotics Process AutomationSelected for Round 2
55Arun Kumar Dhakshinamoorthy Cognizant Technology SolutionsAdaptive LearnerSelected for Round 2
56Gayathiri Balakrishnan,
Kavin Arvind
Cognizant Technology SolutionsAutomated Accessibility testing in Devops Environment
Selected for Round 2
57Anandhi Shanmugam Cognizant Technology Solutions Computer System Validation (CSV) and its ImportanceSelected for Round 2
58Sanchita Khare,
Pavan Gururaj Bada
Deloitte Consulting USIRisk Assessment Framework for Testing in Agile
Selected for Round 2
59Alekhya Kontham,
Shriram Khedkar
Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd.Strategic Roadmap for Test Automation
60Vinod Sundararaju Antony,
Senthilkumar Thirumalaisamy
Cognizant Technology Solutions How can QA become a DevOps expert? A practitioner’s session for QA on Azure DevOps
Selected for Round 2
61Siddharth Saranyan Gunasekaran,
Lukesh Aute
Cognizant Technology Solutions Engineering energy efficiency: One step to fight climate change
62Vinod Sundararaju Antony,
Senthilkumar Thirumalaisamy
Cognizant Technology Solutions Automated testing of Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) applications
Selected for Round 2
63Vinod Sundararaju Antony,
Krishna Pillai A
Cognizant Technology Solutions Alternate pricing in an Agile world
64Dhananjay Buva,
Pradnya Patil
Arezzo Sky India PVT. LTD.Case study for holistic approach to IoT testing
Selected for Round 2
65Dhara Adatia,
Debarati Paul
Deloitte Consulting LLPBlockchain Assurance in HealthCare- Agent Enrolment and Commission Disbursement.
Selected for Round 2
66Shefali Jain Amdocs Customer - The Heart and Soul of TestingSelected for Round 2
67Rasika A. Vyawahare,
Rahul Nema
IBMAdaptive Test automation in the Agile Test Cycle
Selected for Round 2
68Gurajala Ravindra Babu,
Veena Matcha
Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. LtdCustomer Experience Testing
69Shrinathacharya L M,
Parthasarathi Ammineni,
Harish Auradkar
AllscriptsWeb API Testing with Specflow

Selected for Round 2
70Payoli Bhattacharyya,
Vivek Kumar Singh
Cognizant Technology SolutionsAssurance of high performance using Solr –Testing & Tuning Tips- “The best way is always through”
71Payoli Bhattacharyya,
Vivek Kumar Singh
Cognizant Technology SolutionsDigital Twin Resolving New Age Performance Axiom
72Smitha GopinathAmadeus Labs India Pvt LtdTesting strategies for digitally transformed customer experienceSelected for Round 2
73Anish MuralidharanAmadeus Labs India Pvt LtdJoan’s Rainbow Cake – Descriptive Agile testing with Customer Experience Selected for Round 2
74Preethi Arun,
Ramya Thiyagarajan
Cognizant Technology SolutionsRole of Database cloud services in Application performanceSelected for Round 2
75Vinod Sundararaju Antony,
Ameet Pradhan
Cognizant Technology Solutions One Quality – Integrated Digital Assurance Automation Framework
Selected for Round 2
76Abhijit Bangde Arezzosky Ind Pvt Ltd Speed Up Your Regression Testing Cycles with Data AnalyticsSelected for Round 2
77Rutvikkumar Mrug Cognizant Technology SolutionsModern QA through modernization of data Selected for Round 2
78Ajay Balamurugadas,
Shruthi SM
Qapitol QA Services Pvt. LtdManaging Testing with Remote Teams
Selected for Round 2
79Deepthi K N/APrime P’s Behind every Successful Delivery Product, People,Process
80Arun Narayanaswamy,
Veeresh Erched
Amadeus Thunderous testing in the cloud transformation journey
Selected for Round 2
81Jaisudhan Selvaraj,
Anil Abraham
Cognizant Technology SolutionsThe Splunk Integration for Futuristic NFT in DevOps Culture
Selected for Round 2
82Jaisudhan Selvaraj,
Abhishekh Jain
Cognizant Technology SolutionsContinuous Performance Engineering Automation with Jenkins & Neoload Cloud Platform
83Ashish Kumar Cognizant Federated Analytics
84Ashish Kumar Cognizant HyperIntelligence
85Vaishali Jain,
Priyanka Dhongade
Deloitte Customer First-:Making CX Real
Selected for Round 2
86Rutika Bandelwar KCOM - Kingston Communication, UKDigital Transformation in Telecom
87Rutika Bandelwar KCOM - Kingston Communication, UKRole of Product Manager in Digital Transformation
88Manish Kumar Mishra HCL TechnologiesDigital Transformation of Supply Chain in the Covid-19 Situation
89Bharathi Golla Cognizant AR & VR Performance Testing & Assurance
90Anand Shirsat Deloitte Consulting India Ltd Mule 4 CICD Automation
91Anil Yadav Self Employed IOT : How to assure in a connected World
92Sreenivasa Kesipeddi ,
Prateek Srivastava
Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. LtdContinuous Testing Implementation Framework
93Swati Gaonkar ,
Amit Sangale
STEP OneStepAhead Create a BOT quickly and enter into Digital Transformation with Robotics Era

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