Abstract Submissions

Welcome to #ATAGTR2024, the 9th edition of the Global Testing Retreat

1Kailash Pathak3Pillar Global Cypress Debugging Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Speedy ResolutionKailash Chander Pathak.pngRound 1 Submission
2Toni RamchandaniMSCI IncOn-Device LLMs for Web Scraping and Advanced Web Queries using Jina Reader API + MediaPipe + Tensorflow Lite All Open SourceToni RamchandaniRound 1 Submission
3Rahul YadavGenpact Mastering LLM Testing: Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability in AI SystemsRahul YadavRound 1 Submission
4Premkumar HanumanthaiahMaximus GCC Harnessing the Power of Gen AI and Copilot Testing: A QE Manager’s PerspectivePremkumar HanumanthaiahRound 1 Submission
5Premkumar HanumanthaiahMaximus GCC Ensuring Inclusivity and User Satisfaction: The Importance of Accessibility and Usability TestingPremkumar HanumanthaiahRound 1 Submission
6Premkumar HanumanthaiahMaximus GCC Test Leadership and Management: Navigating the Path to Testing ExcellencePremkumar HanumanthaiahRound 1 Submission
7Premkumar HanumanthaiahMaximus GCC Agile and DevOps in Testing: Accelerating Quality and CollaborationPremkumar HanumanthaiahRound 1 Submission
8Premkumar HanumanthaiahMaximus GCC Unlocking Efficiency and Accuracy: Robotic and Process Automation in Software TestingPremkumar HanumanthaiahRound 1 Submission
9Bhavani Sruti SomarajuQuality Kiosk TechnologiesEnhancing Bug Triage with Machine Learning: Unleashing the Power of AI in Software TestingBhavani Sruti SomarajuRound 1 Submission
10Toni RamchandaniMSCI IncVector Databases: Data Management for AI ApplicationsToni RamchandaniRound 1 Submission
11Prashant Rajendrabhai ShahHorizontal Integration Discovery phase of performance testingPrashant ShahRound 1 Submission
12Pawan KumarMettler ToledogRPC: A conceptual contract to empower IoT testingPawan Kumar Round 1 Submission
13Pallavi Sharma5 Elements LearningInvest today in Open Source for a manifold professional growthPallavi SharmaRound 1 Submission
14Pallavi Sharma5 Elements LearningDeep Dive into Nightwatch A powerful Test Automation Framework For All Things Web and MobilePallavi SharmaRound 1 Submission
15Kailash Pathak3Pillar GlobalElevating API Testing And Mocking Data Using Microsoft Tool PlaywrightKailash Chander Pathak.pngRound 1 Submission
16Pallavi Sharma5 Elements Learning20 successful years of Selenium, lets give back to the project which helped define standards for web automation.Pallavi SharmaRound 1 Submission
17Ramanathan YegyanarayananStandard Chartered GBSSession on Turning Organization with awesome workplace culturesRamanathan YegyanarayananRound 1 Submission
18Vasu VenkateshOpenTextAI in Software TestingVasu VenkateshRound 1 Submission
19Vasu Venkatesh, Bhagyashree K COpenTextBreaking Barriers: The Essentials of Web Accessibility TestingVasu VenkateshBhagyashree K CRound 1 Submission
20Nikhil JainMarsh MclennanAutomated Regression Analysis With AI/ML & Gen-AI Auto Trainable ModelNikhil JainRound 1 Submission
21Vasu Venkatesh, Abijith Mesia AOpenText Contract, Ultraviolette Automotive ContractModel Testing Insights in CAE: Optimizing Automotive Performance and SafetyVasu VenkateshUser iconRound 1 Submission
22Veerkumar H PatilRed HatBeyond the Boundary: Software Testing Lessons from T20 Cricket World Cup 2024Veerkumar H PatilRound 1 Submission
23Deva Gowda, Veena DeviNOgrunt Collaborations, QualitrixDisrupting Testing with bespoke Application Foundational ModelsDeva GowdaVeena DeviRound 1 Submission
24Ashok KumarTransunionSmoke Signals Our Journey towards Environment RealiabilityAshol KumarRound 1 Submission
25Srinivasan VenkataramanCognizant Technology Approach your Testing the way you want to through Model Based TestingSrinivasan VenkataramanRound 1 Submission
26Kesha ParekhHorizontal Integration Accessibilty TestingKesha ParekhRound 1 Submission
27Mayank GehlotHorizontal Integration Testing Together: AI & Humans Shaping the Future of QAMayank GehlotRound 1 Submission
Kesha Parekh
Horizontal Integration Generative AI with Software TestingKesha ParekhRound 1 Submission
Benjamin Bischoff
Trivago N.V.Public speaking and procrastination – how to speak at conferencesBenjamin BischoffRound 1 Submission
Sivaa Deivasigamani, Pradipa Thennarasu
Cognizant TechnologyEmploying GenAI Copilot for Incorporating Custom Code into Neoload ScriptSivaa DeivasigamaniUser iconRound 1 Submission
Jignesh Patel
Horizontal IntegrationFlawless Migration: Testing for a Seamless TransitionJignesh PatelRound 1 Submission
Barath Kumar
Cognizant TechnologyHorizon Next: Charting the Course of Software Testing Through Emerging TechnologiesBarath KumarRound 1 Submission
Barath Kumar
Cognizant TechnologyBeyond the Illusion: Crafting Reality in the Virtual Testing ForgeBarath KumarRound 1 Submission
Ankit Singh
AutodeskThe ABCs of Browser Security: What You Need to KnowAnkit SinghRound 1 Submission
Barath Kumar
Cognizant TechnologyAI Vigilance: Pioneering Software Testing for Digital Justice and SecurityBarath KumarRound 1 Submission
Kaumil Upadhyay
Horizontal IntegrationRevolutionizing API Testing Through AI IntegrationKaumil UpadhyayRound 1 Submission
Pradipa Thennarasu
Cognizant TechnologyEstablishing Guidelines for Commercial Off The Shelf(COTS) product and Managing Multi Factor Authentication(MFA) with NeoloadPradipa ThennarasuRound 1 Submission
Balaji Kumar
Cognizant Technology Fast Track your web applicationBalaji KumarRound 1 Submission
Sagar Deshpande
mPokket Financial Services Pvt LtdRise of Functional Engineers to SDETSagar DeshpandeRound 1 Submission
Dhavalkumar Nirmalkumar Gosai
Horizontal IntegrationSeamless Monitoring: Integrating JMeter with New Relic for Enhanced InsightsDHAVALKUMAR NIRMALKUMAR GOSAIRound 1 Submission
41Saurabh AdlakhaHorizontal IntegrationCloud Testing 101: Introduction and Best PracticesSaurabh AdlakhaRound 1 Submission
42Ashok Kumar Rajamani, Barath KumarCognizant Technology AI Defect Manager: Revolutionizing Automated Defect Lifecycle Management in Software DevelopmentAshok Kumar RajamaniBarath KumarRound 1 Submission
43Sujeet Kumar MauryaCognizant Technology Resiliency in the world of ChaosSujeet Kumar MauryaRound 1 Submission
44Sujeet Kumar MauryaCognizant Technology Cocktail of GenAI and Digital AccessibilitySujeet Kumar MauryaRound 1 Submission
45Kashish ChhabdaHorizontal Integration Accelerate Agile: Exploratory Testing for Faster Feedback & QualityKashish ChhabdaRound 1 Submission
46Akash Subhash Khond, Snehal GaikwadAmadeus Software Labs, Roche Information SolutionsAccelerating data transformation and empowering decision-making: Unlocking the potential of agile quality assurance for data analytics products.Akash Subhash KhondUser iconRound 1 Submission
47Ruchitha Reddy Kalluru, Boopalachakaravarthy RaviCognizant Technology Fortifying Efficiency: Harnessing Security Testing for New Age TechnologiesRuchitha Reddy KalluruBoopalachakaravarthy RaviRound 1 Submission
48Sandhiya RangaramanujamCognizant TechnologyJSON Storage Optimisation Sandhiya RangaramanujamRound 1 Submission
49Nikita SinghPMCGame-Based Testing for Children with Down SyndromeNikita SinghRound 1 Submission
50Nikita SinghPMCCats are not fish: deep learning testing calls for out-of-distributionNikita SinghRound 1 Submission
51Nikita SinghPMCAutomating Quality: AI-Driven Innovations in Test Case Generation Nikita SinghRound 1 Submission
52Nikita SinghPMCSky-High Assurance: Scaling Quality with Cloud Testing in the Digital EraNikita SinghRound 1 Submission
53Nikita SinghPMCBeyond Bugs: Elevating Test Management for Seamless Software DeliveryNikita SinghRound 1 Submission
54Amruta Hiralal DungarwalCognizant Technology Smart Scaling: HPA Policies for the FutureAmruta Hiralal DungarwalRound 1 Submission
55Shama KamatNewVision SoftwareTesting in the IoT World Shama KamatRound 1 Submission
56Sandeep S SudameNewVision SoftwareAI and the Dawn of Intelligent QASandeep SudameRound 1 Submission
57Mebin Thomas, Vishnupriya VenkataswamiCognizant Technology Centralized SRE platformThomas MebinUser iconRound 1 Submission
58Soham Joshi_VOISTest Strategy Soham JoshiRound 1 Submission
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