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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

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Chaitali Lambat is Innovation and Automation Portfolio Lead at Sogeti QE&T Practice, Capgemini India. She has 20+ years of overall IT experience, architecting and solving the testing challenges. Chaitali is a problem solver and a career coach for her team. Chaitali has designed and developed various Analytics, Automation and AI based accelerators for her practice making Sogeti testing portfolio stronger in testing space.

Chaitali is a “Diligent & self-motivated leader” with a very strong experience in handling multi-geo located, multi-cultured, multi-technology teams in Agile, waterfall and V methodologies.

Chaitali Lambat

QE strategist and COE lead at Capgemini

Keynote Session: High Speed Low Drag – AI Infused Quality Engineering Journey

High Speed Low Drag – AI Infused Quality Engineering Journey


There is a huge revolution for the Quality engineering & Testing discipline, due to the emerging technologies like cloud, no code/low code platforms, robotic process automation, AI and latest is Generative AI. With the ever evolving technology stack, the next generation Quality Engineering strategies & tools with embedded AI are picking up speed and accelerate the time-consuming tasks by bringing accuracy and reliability of test results. This is applicable for all the test types, methodologies, processes and hence it is extremely important for the quality engineers to explore the new technologies for improve the testing related ways of working and make every effort to move quality upstream. For example, machine learning to identify patterns in data, predict the code quality or be it prompt engineering for right QE use cases for GenAI leverage!


By aligning quality engineering with new technology advancements, organizations can improve the quality of their products and stay ahead of the competition.

Hear what Chaitali and Suneeta have to say about the keynote session
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