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Seema Kohli is a seasoned IT professional with expertise in driving large/complex delivery engagements. She is currently driving end-to-end delivery of a Payments modernization engagement in the role of Delivery Project Executive in IBM. Her background encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities in the realm of test leadership. This includes championing test transformation programs, driving testing delivery engagements, driving and performing test process assessments and setting up test process frameworks as part of consulting and delivery engagements. 

She is passionate about emerging trends in the tech world and thrives on continuously delving into and embracing novel ideas and techniques.

Seema Kohli

Delivery Project Executive at IBM

Interactive Talk - Test Leadership in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Test Leadership in the Era of Artificial Intelligence


Software testing has been in a constant state of evolution with the fast-paced changes in technical and business realms. With the increasing complexity of application platforms, the significance of software testing has grown in tandem. The magnitude of leadership’s impact increases with the complexity and scope of system and business objectives.

Technological advancements in the recent years and specifically Generative AI in last few months are set to bring transformational changes in the work horizon and test leadership approach. So, what does Generative AI bring to table when it comes to test leadership? What is the nature of impact and what shifts are foreseeable or necessary to bring about the successes?Top of Form


This abstract explores the evolving role of test leadership in the context of AI, highlighting both the challenges and opportunities it presents. We will delve into two pivotal themes pertinent to test leadership:

  1. Test Leadership Success Factors
  2. Embracing the technological advances


Test Leadership Success Factors

How the traditional Success factors continue to remain relevant? How do we need to adapt and adopt these in the changing landscape?

The session will be driven based on authors extensive experience in test leadership roles. Driving large and complex test engagements demands more than just technical proficiency; it requires a diverse skill set that encompasses adaptability, expertise, and a clear sense of purpose. These are imperatives to steer teams through the intricacies of testing, ensuring that testing effort contributes meaningfully and efficiently to the quality and success of the engagement.

While the core leadership tenets remain the same, it is the expanded technical landscape that is the differentiator today. Scaling up to know the landscape is key and then applying that in your area of work can have exponential benefits at this stage when there is a lot of interest across the board on AI. Take it as a low hanging fruit that you can grab and reap the benefits. Investment of time and learning will be the key to grab that fruit. And then bring forth your strategic vision and thinking. That will make you spear ahead with the efficiencies generated as a result.


Emotional intelligence is as important as ever when you are in lead roles. The greater the horizon, more important to be aware of the EQ factors and honing yourself. This really is a never-ending process. There will always be a new insight when we engage with people within or across geographies. The difference in this arena is the AI presence. As the AI penetration increases, the Humans-AI engagement will grow. As leaders, we will need to first gauge the issues this ecosystem can bring and then manage those. Some people may feel threatened or simply out-of-place in the new dynamic.  A leaders’ EQ will play a big role in navigating through and addressing the people factor.


Sound Decision-making will continue be an imperative in driving successful outcomes. With AI onboard, test leaders will be equipped with sophisticated tools and techniques that leverage historical data for an objective decision-making.


Embracing the technological advances

We are witnessing a tipping point with artificial intelligence moving at a breakneck pace. It is no longer a good to have factor; it has become an imperative for organizations to embrace and integrate AI to remain competitive in the modern landscape. Amidst all this, how is the test leadership impacted; what do we need to know, embrace and address?


Generative AI: Hype Vs Reality as applied to software testing. It is important to distinguish the hype from reality to be able to identify the right features to implement. For example, at this stage of evolution, Generative AI will not write all test cases automatically. Human effort and skills will be needed and supplemented with AI capabilities. Therefore, a plan that focusses on supplementing human component with

  • AI will give us the efficiencies in the test life cycle.

  • Testing Transformations: Understanding and leveraging the transformative opportunities and use cases that come with the rise of generative AI.

A variety of test transformations are possible with AI as of today. For example, the data-based decision making can be vastly leveraged. This presents opportunities across a variety of areas in test life cycle: test dashboards, forecasting (skill-requirements, staffing, defect volumes).

  • Charting the Path Forward: Shifts foreseen in the near future and the strategic preparedness needed to navigate and excel within this evolving landscape. Keeping abreast with the developments will be key to the preparedness.

Generative AI truly holds the potential to enhance software testing. At this point though, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It is essential to manage stakeholder expectations and plan based on human capability supplemented with AI feasible use cases. A right perspective and know-how of the AI use cases will be an enabler to thrive in the era of AI.


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