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Welcome to the 8th Edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2023!

About Speaker

Schalk Cronjé’s experience in the software industry spans four decades and has performed most roles in software delivery. He believes that both software engineering and craftsmanship is important for the industry and that both disciplines should be taught to achieve holism in technology delivery. He also understands that there is a strong relationship between the modern software techniques that are used and the signature skills of people and these should be aligned for effective delivery. He is also a strong advocate of using systems thinking, holistic stakeholder analysis and impact mapping. He currently acts as the VP of Platform Engineering at Jobble Inc.

Schalk Cronje

VP of Platform Engineering at Jobble

Keynote Session - Don't Containerize me

Don’t Containerize me


Individuals are not the same, yet in IT many managers think they can can recruit more of the same. Many businesses are set to maximise profits for shareholders and thereby creating a toxic workplace.

Is there a better way we can build for culture and sustainability in an organisation than have to tried the old and failing ways?

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