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Deepak is an experienced engineering manager with a passion for psychology and organization design. Throughout his career, Deepak has been fascinated by the intersection of psychology and organizational design. He believes that a deep understanding of human behavior and motivation is essential to building high-performing teams and organizations. He has applied this knowledge to develop innovative management strategies and leadership practices that have helped to improve productivity and employee engagement. In his current role as a senior engineering manager at Red Hat, Deepak is focused on creating a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. He works closely with his team to identify opportunities for process optimization, automation, and product design improvements. He also invests time in coaching and mentoring team members to help them reach their full potential. Deepak is a regular speaker at industry conferences and events, where he enjoys learning about the latest developments in psychology, organization design, and engineering. He is also an avid reader and is always looking for new insights and perspectives to apply in his work.

Deepak Koul

Senior Manager at Red Hat

Hands on Lab (45 min) - The Ultimate Guide to Handling Authentication in E2E tests using Playwright

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Authentication in E2E tests using Playwright


Poorly implemented authentication can make your E2E tests slow and brittle in a number of ways. First, it can lead to repeated logins. If your tests need to login to the application multiple times, each login will add to the overall test execution time. This can be especially problematic for long-running tests.


Second, poor authentication can lead to test failures. If your tests are not properly authenticated, they may not be able to access the application’s resources. This can lead to test failures that are difficult to debug.


Third, poor authentication can make your tests brittle. Brittle tests are tests that are easily affected by changes to the application’s code.( Stateful changes ) If your authentication strategy is wayward, changes to the application’s code can easily break your tests.


In this presentation, I will share the best practices and strategies for E2E testing using Playwright to get past the authentication problem.


For example:

  • Use a shared account for all tests. (StorageState) This will help to keep your tests fast and consistent.
  • Using API to store sessions locally for faster login.
  • Store credentials securely. Do not store your credentials in plain text in the test code.
  • Test for different authentication scenarios. This will help to ensure that your tests are resilient to authentication failures.
  • Use a CI/CD pipeline to automate your authentication tests. This will help to ensure that your tests are run regularly and that any changes to your authentication code are properly tested.


I am pretty sure the attendees would walk out of this session equipped with cool tricks to implement in their Playwright automation suites.

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