Why #ATAGTR2023: Unleashing Testing Potential
with Sessions on AI's Innovations!

Why #ATAGTR2023 Unleashing Testing Potential with Sessions on AI's Innovations!


Welcome to the dawn of a new era in software testing and let’s dive into the epicenter of innovation with #ATAGTR2023, where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aren’t just buzzwords, but the keystones of a testing revolution. This isn’t your typical tech gathering; it’s a hub where the curious minds of today shape the software testing of tomorrow. As a catalyst for technical agility and the future of tech, we’re pushing boundaries, igniting discussions, and delivering hands-on experiences that are transforming the world of quality assurance.

Why just follow when you can lead? Join us as we explore the AI-infused landscape of testing, where algorithms enhance precision and ML models redefine efficiency. #ATAGTR2023 is more than a conference; it’s a career-defining journey that connects you to the forefront of the industry. Ready to leap into a pool of knowledge and surface with skills that will steer the future of your career? Let’s reshape the tech narrative together and unlock the full potential of AI’s innovations in testing.

Why AI/ML Is a Game-Changer for Testing:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are transforming the testing arena into an avant-garde battlefield where speed and accuracy reign supreme. Embrace the seismic shift with #ATAGTR2023, where we decode the complexities of AI and unravel the power of ML to enhance your testing prowess. Imagine unleashing testing suites that self-improve with every iteration, harnessing data to predict outcomes, and applying machine precision to detect anomalies that the human eye might miss. This is no longer the future; it’s the present we’re mastering together. 

Session Previews:

1.  Chat GPT Unlocked: Igniting a Testing Renaissance 

Geosley Andrades unveils the renaissance of software testing through ChatGPT, spotlighting its augmentation of human capabilities without replacement, fostering innovation and excellence.

2.  Empowering DevTestOps with AI: Accelerating Software Delivery and Enhancing Quality

Siddhant Wadhwani dissects AI’s role in DevTestOps, highlighting predictive analytics and faster releases, pushing the boundaries of software development and quality assurance.

3.  Empowering Functional Testing with Support Vector Machines: An Experimental Journey

Vivek Patle and Jahnavi Umarji demonstrate the power of Support Vector Machines in elevating functional testing, ensuring precise, strategic automation and enhanced product quality.

4.  Leveraging OpenAI and AWS Lambda for Automated Performance Analysis

Kavin Arvind Ragavan guides you through integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 with AWS Lambda for cutting-edge, automated performance analysis, showcasing the fusion of AI and cloud services.

5.  Performance engineering with AI/ML

Sujeet Kumar Maurya dives into AI/ML-driven performance engineering, showcasing predictive models’ impact on testing efficiency, bottleneck identification, and customer satisfaction.

6.  Revolutionizing Security Testing with AI

Chidambaram Vetrivel and Venkatesh Belde explore AI’s transformative influence on security testing, introducing an AI-enhanced Security Checklist that revolutionizes vulnerability detection and cybersecurity approaches.

7.  Practical Applications of Generative AI in QA: Ideate, Automate, Analyze, and Personalize

Bharath Kumar Hemachandran taps into Generative AI’s role in QA, revealing its potential in automating test generation, defect prediction, and test coverage expansion.

8.  Test Leadership in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Seema Kohli delves into the impact of Generative AI on test leadership, discussing the blend of technical and emotional intelligence needed in the AI-driven testing landscape.

9.  Hyperautomation in Testing- Elevating Software Quality and Delivery

SatParkash Maurya discusses hyperautomation’s impact on testing, where AI, ML, and RPA converge to automate complex tasks, improving software quality and expediting delivery.

10.  Testing Gen AI Applications

Sayan Deb Kundu tackles the intricacies of testing Generative AI applications, focusing on the reliability and consistency of AI outputs, and the importance of ‘Embedded Snapshots’ for quality assurance.

11. Where are the real testers in the age of AI?

Join Ajay Balamurugadas at #ATAGTR2023 as he delves into the essence of real testing skills amidst the rise of AI. His talk focuses on rekindling core testing skills, adapting to AI paradigms, and reclaiming the vital role of authentic testers.

Why You Can’t Miss These Sessions:

In the ever-evolving world of technology, missing out on the #ATAGTR2023 sessions is like skipping a beat in the heart of innovation. Picture this: a series of sessions that aren’t just talks but transformative experiences that will redefine your understanding of AI and ML in software testing. These aren’t just presentations; they’re deep-dives into the technology shaping our future, packed with actionable insights that you can take back to your team.

The line-up boasts a roster of thought leaders and industry innovators, each poised to unpack the complex tapestry of AI and ML. These sessions are crafted to not only impart knowledge but to challenge perceptions, prompting you to think outside the conventional code box. You’ll be navigating through case studies, live demos, and real-world applications that bridge the gap between theory and practice. These are the stories of AI and ML being harnessed to catapult testing into new frontiers, ensuring software reliability, and enhancing user experience like never before.

By attending, you’re setting yourself up to be at the cutting edge, transforming from a passive observer to an active participant in the tech revolution. You’ll be equipped with the latest trends, tools, and tactics that are driving the industry forward. It’s not just about keeping pace; it’s about setting the pace in a digital world that waits for no one.

Your opportunity to be at the forefront of technological agility is just a click away. Seize the moment and Register for #ATAGTR2023 now!

Some of the key highlights of #ATAGTR2023

•   Lamp Lighting on 8th and 9th by Guest of Honors
•   Leadership Panel Discussion
•   CafeATAhon (Women Leadership Panel Discussion)
•   10 Keynotes
•   10 Hands on Labs / Workshops
•   30+ Interactive Sessions
•   70+ Speakers
•   Leadership Award Ceremony
•   Most cutting edge learning sessions
•   AutomATAhon (Hackathon for Automation Testers) – finals on 8th and 9th December

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