Why #ATAGTR2023: The Crucible for Cutting-Edge Performance Testing Techniques and Tools!

Why #ATAGTR2023 The Crucible for Cutting-Edge Performance Testing Techniques and Tools!


Welcome to #ATAGTR2023, where the fusion of technology, expertise, and innovation takes center stage. As the 8th edition of the Global Testing Retreat unfolds, we’re setting the bar higher for performance and load testing mastery. This is more than just a conference; it’s an expedition into the heart of software testing, uniting code enthusiasts and quality mavens from across the globe in a vibrant showcase of cutting-edge tools and techniques.
Dive into a realm where key sessions like “Unleashing the Power of K6” and “Navigating the IoT Performance Testing Landscape” are just a prelude to the actionable knowledge that awaits. At #ATAGTR2023, each talk is an opportunity to advance your skills, with industry pioneers ready to guide you through the complexities of modern applications and the intricacies of performance benchmarks. Join us as we embrace the latest trends, engage with the brightest minds, and emerge as leaders in the transformative world of testing.

Workshops and Interactive Sessions:

At #ATAGTR2023, you’re not just a spectator but a key player in a series of workshops and interactive sessions that redefine the learning experience. Our workshops are the heartbeat of this conference, crafted to thrust you into the thick of action with hands-on challenges and real-time problem-solving. It’s here that you’ll navigate the nuances of performance testing, guided by industry forerunners who are as eager to impart knowledge as they are to inspire innovation.

Imagine an arena where each session is an adventure, meticulously designed to not only impart knowledge but to ignite your passion for performance testing. From the intricacies of load testing to the finesse of monitoring application performance, our interactive sessions promise a deep dive into practical skills that you can apply the moment you return to your workstations. Engage with tools like JMeter and Postman, and explore how to leverage them to their fullest potential, all while connecting with fellow enthusiasts in an immersive environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Get ready to be swept off your feet; #ATAGTR2023 is where you’ll transform from a participant to a pioneer, armed with an arsenal of new skills and a refreshed perspective on what it means to excel in the world of performance testing.

Session Details:

1. Unleashing the Power of K6: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Made Easy

Monish Correia’s lab at #ATAGTR2023 demystifies K6 for load testing and performance monitoring. Delve into K6’s installation, script creation, and its integration with ChatGPT for script generation. Learn about designing test scenarios, virtual users, and interpreting K6’s comprehensive reporting features.

2. Navigating the IoT Performance Testing Landscape

Pradipta Biswas and Sucheta Saurabh Chitale navigate IoT performance testing’s intricacies at #ATAGTR2023. They’ll cover device and network performance, scalability, cloud services, and more, highlighting the differences from traditional testing and the need for comprehensive IoT system testing strategies.

3. Machine Learning Model to automate performance test script development using JMeter

Srithanga Aishvarya T at #ATAGTR2023 discusses automating JMeter performance test scripts using Machine Learning. Learn about the model’s components, protocol insights, and the integration of Python, ML, and JMeter for cost-efficient and quality performance testing.

4. Performance Testing with Postman

Bairagi Muduli and Subhendra Mohan Patnaik’s interactive lab at #ATAGTR2023 focuses on Performance Testing with Postman. The session will cover Postman’s capabilities beyond API testing, including setup, execution, and analysis of performance tests, along with an engaging Q&A session.

Why #ATAGTR2023 is Unmissable:

#ATAGTR2023 is more than a milestone in the tech conference realm; it’s a catalyst for profound expertise in performance testing. This event is critical for those eager to excel in the rapidly changing digital testing environment. With sessions like “Unleashing the Power of K6” and “Performance Testing with Postman,” the conference offers a rare glimpse into the future of load testing and performance monitoring, providing actionable insights that are immediately applicable.

But it’s not just about the sessions; it’s the immersive experience that makes #ATAGTR2023 indispensable. Testimonials from past participants underscore the value of the hands-on learning and the lasting connections made here, elevating it from a mere event to a transformative professional journey. Missing #ATAGTR2023 isn’t just skipping a conference; it’s bypassing the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation alongside a global community of forward-thinkers.

Your opportunity to be at the forefront of technological agility is just a click away. Seize the moment and Register for #ATAGTR2023 now!

Some of the key highlights of #ATAGTR2023

•   Lamp Lighting on 8th and 9th by Guest of Honors
•   Leadership Panel Discussion
•   CafeATAhon (Women Leadership Panel Discussion)
•   10 Keynotes
•   10 Hands on Labs / Workshops
•   30+ Interactive Sessions
•   70+ Speakers
•   Leadership Award Ceremony
•   Most cutting edge learning sessions
•   AutomATAhon (Hackathon for Automation Testers) – finals on 8th and 9th December

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