Elevate Your Testing Game at #ATAGTR2023 with immersive
Keynotes & Workshops on 3rd December!

Elevate Your Testing Game at #ATAGTR2023 with immersive Keynotes & Workshops on 3rd December!

Get ready to dive headfirst into the exciting future of tech agility at #ATAGTR2023, the preeminent testing conference in Asia. This extraordinary event will unfold virtually on December 2nd & 3rd, and for those seeking an in-person experience, it awaits you at I2IT, Pune, on December 8th and 9th. Under the theme “Embracing Technical Agility and Tech Future,” this year’s conference promises an immersive journey filled with over 50 enlightening keynotes, hands-on labs, and interactive sessions.

Key Highlights

  • 50 plus sessions (Keynotes, Workshops, Panel discussions)
  • 10 Keynotes (Virtual and Physical)
  • 10 Hands on Labs
  • 30+ Interactive Sessions
  • 70+ Speakers
  • Leadership Award Ceremony

Step confidently into the realm of tech innovation at #ATAGTR2023! Simply click to explore our carefully curated schedule.

#ATAGTR2023 goes beyond being a passive information hub; it’s your gateway to active participation and engagement. Our meticulously planned program includes inspiring keynote sessions delivered by industry visionaries and dynamic hands-on workshops led by seasoned experts, each offering a unique perspective on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a portal designed to not only enrich your skills and knowledge but also ignite your creativity and innovation.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech wizard or just embarking on your tech journey, these sessions are thoughtfully crafted to spark your imagination and drive. At #ATAGTR2023, we believe in going beyond learning about the future—here, you become an active participant in shaping it. Join us in this thrilling adventure into the forefront of technological advancement! Don’t wait; secure your spot now and be part of this exciting journey.

Welcome Address:

As the sun rises on day 2 of #ATAGTR2023, the virtual stage will come to life with a warm welcome from the illustrious Sujata Dutta, Senior Vice President and Global Practice Head at _VOIS. Dr. Dutta, a multiple award-winning trailblazer in the technology realm, is known for her dynamic leadership that has inspired and transformed individuals and businesses alike.

Keynote Session details:

  1. Following the warm welcome virtual stage will kickstart with an enlightening keynote session titled “In AI We Trust, or Not: Navigating between reliance and distrust in the Testing.” This captivating session will be led by the passionate tech enthusiast, Brijesh Deb, Principal Consultant at Infosys. Brijesh will delve into the intricate paradoxes surrounding AI in testing, addressing conflicts, ethical quandaries, and bias, setting the stage for a day filled with profound insights.
  2. Cap off the day with an enriching keynote session titled “Productivity, Test Effectiveness and Test Efficiency Metrics and KPIs for QA Professionals” by Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder and CEO at QA Mentor. Ruslan will delve into the metrics and KPIs crucial for QA professionals, focusing on productivity, test effectiveness, and test efficiency.

Hands-on Workshop details:

  1. “Let’s Explore Testing with Exploratory Test Tools”
    Join Kushan Amarasiri, Technical Specialist QE at Codehouse (Pvt) Ltd, for an engaging hands-on workshop Titled “Let’s Explore Testing with Exploratory Test Tools”. This session dives into the dynamic world of exploratory testing. It highlights how this approach uncovers hidden system bugs beyond traditional testing methods.

  2. “Unleashing the Power of K6: Load Testing and Performance Monitoring Made Easy”
    Monish Correia, QA Lead at HDFCLife, will guide you through this hands-on workshop. This presentation offers a comprehensive guide on K6, an open-source load testing tool. It covers everything from installation to script creation using JavaScript, and even explores the integration of ChatGPT for script generation.

  3. “Performance Testing with Postman”
    Bairagi Muduli and Subhendra Mohan Patnaik, SDETs at mPokket, will engage you all with their hands-on lab session on “Performance Testing with Postman.” This session explores the significance of performance testing in software development and highlights the use of Postman as a versatile tool for this purpose.

  4. “Practical Applications of Generative AI in QA: Ideate, Automate, Analyze, and Personalize”
    Thereafter, dive into the world of Generative AI in Quality Assurance (QA) with Bharath Kumar Hemachandran, Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks. His workshop explores the transformative potential of Generative AI in software testing.

  5. “Testing Tours – Structured Approach to Exploratory Testing”
    Conclude your day with a hands-on workshop led by Apoorva Ram, Test Lead at Qapitol QA, and Mahathee Dandibhotla, Project Lead Quality at Persistent. Their hands-on lab session provides a structured approach to exploratory testing. Suitable for both beginners and experienced testers, this workshop offers valuable insights into implementing Testing Tours for effective testing.

#ATAGTR2023: An Event That's Unmissable!

Elevate your testing game at #ATAGTR2023, Asia’s foremost gathering of testing and tech enthusiasts. This event is a pivotal moment for professionals who aspire to redefine excellence in the tech world. It’s not just about absorbing cutting-edge knowledge; it’s about actively participating in shaping the future of technology.

Immerse yourself in the latest innovations, connect with industry leaders, and become part of a community that’s driving the next wave of technological advancements. Join us for an immersive journey and make your contribution to the collective progress of our digital era.

Your opportunity to stay at the forefront of technological agility is just a click away. Don’t miss out! Register for #ATAGTR2023 now and be part of this transformative experience!

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