Why #ATAGTR2023: Your Gateway to Excellence in Testing's New Frontier!

Why #ATAGTR2023 Your Gateway to Excellence in Testing's New Frontier!


Begin a transformative journey at #ATAGTR2023, where the frontiers of technologies & methodologies meet the pinnacle of automation and emerging technologies. This prestigious conference goes beyond the ordinary, standing as the heartbeat of innovation in software testing. It’s a melting pot of ideas and expertise, where each workshop and discussion is a stepping stone towards professional growth and enlightenment. As the 8th edition of Asia’s Largest Testing Conference, the Global Testing Retreat promises to be a beacon of collective wisdom, uniting a global network of pioneers to redefine the boundaries of quality assurance.

At #ATAGTR2023, experience the synergistic fusion of AI-driven testing strategies and the disruptive potential of blockchain in QA. This event is more than a gathering; it’s a gateway to mastering cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that are shaping the future of software testing. Here, you’re not just a participant, but an integral part of a revolution that’s reshaping the technological landscape. By registering, you’re choosing to lead the evolution of tech, immersing yourself in a community that thrives on innovation and shared growth.

The theme of ‘Technical Agility’ permeates throughout #ATAGTR2023, guiding us as we propel into the future of tech. This dynamic event is a crucible of emerging trends and methodologies, each session a testament to our commitment to redefine the industry’s landscape. Attendees from diverse backgrounds converge to exchange insights, strategies, and experiences, all fostering adaptability and mastery over rapid technological shifts. Get ready to absorb a wealth of actionable knowledge, presented by experts passionate about uplifting and challenging current standards in software testing.

Session Details:

1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Performance Testing using Open Source Tool

At #ATAGTR2023, Swagata Chatterjee and Harpreet Kaur Kahai from Capgemini will delve into IVR Performance Testing with open-source tools, highlighting its crucial role in services like healthcare and emergency response. Their session will dissect the surge in IVR demand due to the Covid-19 crisis and demonstrate the effectiveness of performance testing in ensuring system resilience. Attendees will learn about vital performance metrics and how to utilize open-source tools to fortify IVR systems against high user loads.

2. Redefine Quality Assurance – Journey from Centralized to Decentralized, Distributed Blockchain/Web3 testing

Join Saby Saurabh Bhardwaj at #ATAGTR2023 for an insightful journey from centralized QA to the cutting-edge realm of Blockchain and Web3 testing. He will explore the unique challenges of decentralized systems, such as smart contract vulnerabilities, and demonstrate a hybrid Python-based framework integrating tools like Brownie/Web3 and Locust. This session promises a deep dive into the complexities of Web3 applications, offering insights into the future of QA in the blockchain sector.


Experience a deep dive into AR, VR, and Metaverse testing methodologies with Aniket Diwakar Kadukar and Padimiti Vaidik Eswar Datta from Cognizant at #ATAGTR2023. Their session will introduce a holistic QA framework addressing the unique challenges of these immersive technologies, such as immersion, responsiveness, and device orientation. Learn how this innovative approach enhances application reliability across devices, preparing them for the anticipated growth in the immersive tech space.

4. Building QA Leadership in a Start-up world

Join Parish Sharma at #ATAGTR2023 for a dynamic 30-minute talk on “Building QA Leadership in a Startup World.” Dive into the challenging yet exciting realm of QA in startups, where balancing speed and quality is key. Parish will unravel the unique attributes needed for QA leadership in this volatile environment. Learn how effective QA leadership extends beyond testing functional and non-functional requirements, playing a pivotal role in startup success. Don’t miss this insightful session for aspiring QA leaders!

Why #ATAGTR2023 is the Must-Attend Summit:

#ATAGTR2023 stands as a beacon for those navigating the new frontier of Emerging Technologies and Methodologies in the tech realm. It is an essential convergence point for thought leaders and practitioners seeking to harness the transformative power of novel testing approaches.

The true essence of #ATAGTR2023 lies in its experiential fabric, weaving together a tapestry of interactive learning and enduring connections. Testimonials from industry veterans and past participants highlight the conference’s role in catalyzing professional growth and fostering a sense of community. Opting out of #ATAGTR2023 means missing more than just presentations; it means missing an invaluable opportunity to engage with the very pulse of technological evolution, surrounded by a global network of innovators and experts.

Your opportunity to be at the forefront of technological agility is just a click away. Seize the moment and Register for #ATAGTR2023 now!

Some of the key highlights of #ATAGTR2023

•   Lamp Lighting on 8th and 9th by Guest of Honors
•   Leadership Panel Discussion
•   CafeATAhon (Women Leadership Panel Discussion)
•   10 Keynotes
•   10 Hands on Labs / Workshops
•   30+ Interactive Sessions
•   70+ Speakers
•   Leadership Award Ceremony
•   Most cutting edge learning sessions
•   AutomATAhon (Hackathon for Automation Testers) – finals on 8th and 9th December

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