Why #ATAGTR2023: Redefining Excellence in Security and Quality Engineering at Asia’s Premier Testing Conference!

Why #ATAGTR2023 Redefining Excellence in Security and Quality Engineering at Asia’s Premier Testing Conference!


Welcome to the 8th edition of the Global Testing Retreat (#ATAGTR2023), an extraordinary confluence of Software Testing and Technology that transcends the boundaries of a typical conference. ATAGTR is a vibrant universe, a pulsating globe where industry trends don’t just emerge; they are meticulously tested and embraced with technical agility, ensuring their sustainability and impact.

This year, #ATAGTR embodies the spirit of “Embracing Technical Agility and the Tech Future.” We’re not just participants in this field; we are the navigators charting the course for the future of software testing. Our theme resonates with the rapid evolution of technology and the need to adapt with agility to these changes. #ATAGTR is an ecosystem where curiosity blossoms into expansive knowledge, fueled by the latest trends and irrigated with the insightful practices of the best in the field.

ATA community, a diverse and vibrant tapestry of software testing wizards, code-writing witches, and quality assurance elves, brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience. It’s a place where lifelong connections are made, and revolutionary ideas are born.

The speakers at #ATAGTR2023, revered gurus in their respective crafts, will guide you through this journey, challenging your perspectives, igniting your creativity, and awakening the pioneering spirit within. They will lead sessions and workshops that are not just about learning but are adventures into the realms of technical agility and future technologies.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new explorer in the testing terrain, #ATAGTR has something for everyone. It’s an opportunity to gain new levels of knowledge and become an active architect in the exhilarating future of software testing.

So, are you ready to join this grand adventure? To ride the dragon of quality assurance, decipher the arcane scripts of test automation, and explore the uncharted territories of software testing? Because at #ATAGTR2023, we’re not just writing codes; we’re weaving the digital tapestry of tomorrow. Join us in this journey to redefine excellence in Security and Quality Engineering at Asia’s premier testing conference, and become part of creating the future today.

Session Details:

1. From Surface to Dark Web
At #ATAGTR2023, Ankit Singh will lead a captivating session revealing the hidden layers and impacts of the dark web, offering a unique perspective on this misunderstood digital realm.

2. Implementation of Chaos Experiments – a pocket friendly and simple way
Sravan Kumar Pallapothu
will demonstrate the power of ChaosBlade in a session at #ATAGTR2023, focusing on how this tool can enhance infrastructure resilience and integrate into CI/CD pipelines for robust product launches.

3. From Good to Great: Enhancing Testability in Software Testing
Anindita Rath’s session at #ATAGTR2023 will delve into enhancing software testability, providing attendees with practical insights and strategies for optimizing testing efficiency and achieving software excellence.

4. Observability in Software Testing
Sumit Mundhada’s
talk at #ATAGTR2023 will illuminate the crucial role of observability in software testing, highlighting its benefits and applications, particularly in cloud-native environments.

5. Elements of Quality Engineering in remote IIoT System
Kirti Ranjan Satapathy and Nandini K will explore the complexities of quality engineering in Linux-based IIoT systems at #ATAGTR2023, sharing insights and live demonstrations to address real-world challenges.

6. Strengthening Testing Oversight Using Environment Automation
Sudhir Upadhyay’s session at #ATAGTR2023 will focus on the revolutionary impact of environment automation in testing oversight, discussing its benefits, challenges, and the future potential of AI-driven, self-healing testing environments.

#ATAGTR2023: An Event You Can’t Miss

Don’t miss your chance to be part of #ATAGTR2023, Asia’s premier forum for Security and Quality Engineering. This event is pivotal for professionals aiming to redefine excellence in the tech world. It’s not just about absorbing cutting-edge knowledge; it’s about actively participating in shaping the future of technology.

Engage with the latest innovations, network with industry leaders, and be a part of a community driving the next wave of technological advancements. Join us to experience a transformative journey through the realms of security and quality, and contribute to the collective progress of our digital era.

Your opportunity to be at the forefront of technological agility is just a click away. Seize the moment and Register for #ATAGTR2023 now!

Some of the key highlights of #ATAGTR2023

•   Lamp Lighting on 8th and 9th by Guest of Honors
•   Leadership Panel Discussion
•   CafeATAhon (Women Leadership Panel Discussion)
•   10 Keynotes
•   10 Hands on Labs / Workshops
•   30+ Interactive Sessions
•   70+ Speakers
•   Leadership Award Ceremony
•   Most cutting edge learning sessions
•   AutomATAhon (Hackathon for Automation Testers) – finals on 8th and 9th December

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