Transform Your Capabilities to tech agility at #ATAGTR2023!

Transform Your Capabilities to tech agility at #ATAGTR2023!

As we enter a new era of technology developments, it’s clear that technical agility is more than just a buzzword—it’s a fundamental requirement for anyone hoping to flourish in the fast-changing digital scene. We are offering you an unmatched opportunity to improve your technical agility and contribute to the future of technology and software testing as a tech leader, professional, practitioner, tech manager, tech expert, seasoned speaker, or novice. Welcome to the 8th Annual Global Testing Retreat 2023, known as #ATAGTR2023.

#ATAGTR2023 is more than simply a conference—it’s a life-changing experience. This event is more than just professionals expressing their insights. Rather, it is about you becoming an active participant in the technology evolution narrative. It’s about challenging your assumptions, sharpening your talents, and transforming your abilities so that you may actively contribute to the technological future.

The adventure starts with your response to the ‘Call for Papers.’ This stage is about exhibiting your unique views on technological agility and the future of technology, not just presenting a topic. This is your opportunity to demonstrate the innovative ideas, expertise, and knowledge that distinguish you. Consider the current difficulties you are experiencing. Consider how you’ve altered your practises to keep up with the fast-paced advancements in the technology industry. Consider the innovative approaches you’ve developed that could help others. These insights will form the basis of your abstract and will set you apart as a thinker in your field.

After submitting your abstract, you begin the journey of being an esteemed speaker at ATGTR2023. Consider this a fantastic chance for growth rather than a burdensome task. This technique can help you understand your strengths and identify opportunities for improvement. It can motivate you to step outside of your comfort zone and expand your knowledge.

Being selected as a speaker for #ATAGTR2023 is a significant step forward in your transformational journey. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with a global network of tech executives and professionals. This isn’t a one-sided discussion. The #ATAGTR2023 environment is collaborative and stimulating, providing fertile ground for growth and learning.

Workshops and interactive sessions are essential components of #ATAGTR2023. You will not only share your views, but you will also participate in hands-on activities throughout these sessions. You’ll challenge conventional wisdom, learn from other experts, and widen your horizons. By actively participating, you encourage creativity, spark new ideas, and gain necessary abilities, all of which contribute to increased technical agility.

Workshops and lab sessions are especially effective since they provide a hands-on approach to learning. These aren’t passive lectures, but rather active, hands-on learning events that will immerse you in new skills and approaches. The entire process will self-guide you as a guru, challenging you, fuelling your creativity, and awakening your pioneering spirit.

Participation in #ATAGTR2023 also provides a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the global IT environment. You’ll acquire insights into varied IT environments and adaption tactics by interacting with professionals from around the world. It’s a distinct viewpoint that helps you to comprehend and participate to the worldwide conversation about IT agility.

Finally, your involvement in #ATAGTR2023 is more than just a contribution to a conference; it is a personal and professional development. You will have received a wealth of knowledge, a versatile mentality, and a global network of professionals by the end of this event. Most significantly, you will have begun a journey towards technical agility, a development that will be extremely beneficial to you in your professional life.

So, submit your abstract, take that first step, and prepare to embark on a revolutionary adventure at #ATAGTR2023! This is your chance to transform your skills and play an active role in shaping the exciting future of software testing.

Click here for more details on Call for Papers and to submit your Thought Abstract for #ATAGTR2023 CFP – Round 1.

From new voices to Leaders: Unleashing Potential at The Global Testing Retreat 2023!

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