Sumit Mundhada


Sumit Mundhada

Test Automation Lead, Automation Architect, Automation Framework Development.
Leading Test Automation Team, Tracking end to end test automation delivery & QA.
Coaching & Mentoring Quality Assurance & Automation Team.
Technical Speaker & Blogger – Published several white papers for various testing forums.
Setting up “Automation Testing Center of Excellence (CoE)”

Proof of concept (POC) in terms of test automation, Building a successful test automation team, ROI driven test automation. Test Automation for Android application, Web applications, CPE – ( Customer Premises Equipment ) like Routers & embedded devices, API Testing, DevOps: CI-CD, Visual test automation.

Worked on cutting edge technologies with the companies like Vodafone, Samsung, Reliance Jio, Electronics Arts [EA Mobile Games]

Post graduate diploma certified professional in Wireless and Mobile Computing. CDAC.
ISTQB Certified Professional.

Expertise :
> Selenium, Appium, API Testing, BDD.
> RPA, Cognitive Test Automation. AI in test automation.
> Java, Python, Ansible.
> Jenkins (CI-CD)
> Testshell, Cloudshell
> SOAP, REST – Web Services Testing.
> Grafana
> Junit, TestNG.
> SVN, GitHub
> Android, iOS, J2ME.
> Enterprise applications testing, SaaS.
> MDM( Mobile Device Management )
> BYOD, Cloud Testing.
> Network – CPE Automation Testing.
> White Box Testing.
> Test Automation Project Handling.
> Automation Test Strategy Development.
> Cost Estimates, Test Reporting.
> Resource Planning, Efforts estimation.
> Sprint planning, Agile Automation.
> Automation code review, Setting up best practices.
> Troubleshooting & fixing Automation framework issues.
> Mobile OS Internals
> LIMO-Linux Mobile.
> Agile development, DevOps, DevTOps.

Interest > Cloud, AI, RPA, Automation, Space, Robotics, IOT, Machine Learning, OS.

Title:AI –MLin Testing –Things to look forthe future, Are you ready?


AI and Machine Learning are here to help software testing deliver better results. It will help for an effective automation.Artificial intelligence (AI) in test automation is the latest trend and it has many benefits.This talk will unfold the use cases and the future trends for AI and ML with respect to software testing.We will also cover examples of how Artificial Intelligence is used in the testing process.We will also touch base on how ML algorithms can help in quality testing and overall planningalong with keyAI-based tools.In summary, talk will deliver how to prepare for testing in AI-ML world.

f it is a workshop you mustgive a table of content on topics that will covered along with durations. Please also mention requirements for the workshop if any.