Chidambaram Vetrivel


Chidambaram Vetrivel

Over 10+ years of IT experience and has been working as an Automation Expert in designing, strategizing and architecting automation testing solutions. Managed to work across cross functional teams across globe. Demonstrated excellence in setting and transforming the practise with exponential growth in Automation Testing. Designed and Developed Functional Test Automation Framework for Ecommerce Platform for different Markets. Expanding the Focus of Automation towards Setting up infrastructure side of things and developer productivity. I blog, speak at Tech conferences and creates video related to automation.

Topic: Universal Test Automation Framework

A Unified common automation framework can be used to scale test automation by reducing the manual testing. The standard process of automating test scripts can be simplified using this “The Universal Web automation Framework” ,is a unique approach proposed by DWS which helps extensively to test any  web applications. This new automated framework for testing web applications that enhances the automating process much faster than the conventional way. Our Proposed Framework can save approximately 75% of the total Manual Time/Effort when compared to Traditional Automation. It helps almost 80-85% of testing Regression workload and efficiently develop the stability of the application. Data Maintenance Becomes more easy and relatively efficient..

Target Audience : QA Engineers, Test Automation Engineers, Devops Engineers, Test Managers, QA Lead & QA Architect

Skill Level : Beginner & Intermediate

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