SatParkash Maurya


SatParkash Maurya

Business Solutions Consultant in Technology VOIS with 15+ Years of IT experience in Test management, Model Based Testing and Software Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Leading Cognitive Test Design and Analysis Practice at Testing Service Line Level within Technology VOIS

Topic: Cognitive Test Design and Analysis – Automated Designing

For many years, the focus of test automation was on test execution and functional testing. However now, the objective of automation has changed as there is focus on better coverage and effective usage of test cases. And one of the solutions to achieve this is by moving to End to End Business Journey Automation and Automating the Entire Lifecycle (i.e., Test Design Automation to Test Execution Automation and Test Reporting Automation).

As per the last two years World Quality Report (18-19 & 19-20) Model Based Testing is the way forward to achieve this Higher Level of Automation and the session would be on CTDA (Cognitive Test Design and Analysis) which takes the base of Model-based testing (MBT) and integrates it with Cognitive Analytics .

The premises of CTDA is creating models and flows just like Micro-services and Lego Blocks which can then be plugged to generate the End to End Business Journeys. It promotes an excellent Collaboration between technical and non-technical teams and is highly responsive to the changes and automatically ripples through the entire suite of test cases in cases of fluid design making it a perfect tool to be “Agile”

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