Ritu Chowdhary


Ritu Chowdhary

Ritu Chowdhary is an experienced technology leader with a proven record in the fin-tech industry.

In her current role as Associate Director, FIS, she is leading the product delivery for one of the growing portfolios in Merchant Solution – enabling efficiency, agility, and innovation. Prior to this, in her last assignment at Fiserv, she was leading the Center of Excellence (CoE) for Specialized Testing Delivery with focus on leading edge technologies like Mobility, IoT, Micro-services, Service Virtualization, customer experience/UX, Digital transformation, Cloud and Containerization.
Ritu was a keynote speaker at QAISTC 2019 and a Leadership panel for CafeATAhon in ATAGTR 2019. Her core philosophy of transformation is centred around people. She is passionate about bringing positive change in the society by educating, empowering and championing others.

Title : Thrive with Technical Excellence

Abstract :
Technical excellence is much more than just writing good code. Whether you are a manager, product owner, scrum master or an engineer, you need to know why and how the technology implementation is done at a high level. Be it test-driven development, refactoring, CICD, clean code and automated testing or any of the technical areas, one needs to understand the HOW aspect and see the difference it makes in the product.

One important aspect that comes to the picture is – what is being technical? It means different things to different roles. In simple words, Technical excellence is about “uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.”

The ultimate form of technical excellence that Martin Fowler (Thought works) describes is shortened delivery and feedback cycles. The achievement of this relies on the culmination of the business side of the organization valuing tech and the software development side understanding the needs of the business. This means technical excellence involves a cultural shift at the organizational level. The idea is to encourage organizations to adopt, adapt and refine. My talk shall focus on why different roles in an organisation should thrive for technical excellence.

Having technical excellence in any organisation has never been as crucial as it is today, wherein we need to create a technology strategy that allows one to not only deal with, but take advantage of the increasingly rapid pace of change wherein the focus areas are simplification and modernization. How do we ensure we attract and keep the right talent that can create and execute sophisticated strategies, in the face of extreme competition? These are few of the areas that I want to focus upon in this talk.

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