Chidambaram Vetrivel is QA Architect with 13 years of professional experience in Software testing with diverse expertise in QE practice.

Intense Experience in building test automation solutions from the ground up. Expertise in building large-scale custom e-Commerce solutions using SFCC.

Key focus around Shift left approach and agile methodologies. Expertise in PCI-DSS Audit in the organization for the past 4 years.


Adequacy in Manual Security Testing Checklist

We are going to comprehensive review and in-depth analysis of the existing testing approaches that has been performed to analyse the effectiveness and applicability under various scenarios. We are proposing a taxonomy of Security Testing that has been carried out across various eCommerce application and carefully designed a Manual Security Checklist that acts as a key approach to ensure we don’t miss any security Bugs. The Security Checklist has been approved widely across various Audit Organizations and it has been highlighted in PCI DSS Audit. We will elaborately talk about this checklist and its uses.