Ajay Balamurugadas, goes by the handle ‘ajay184f’ in the testing community and is continuously re-inventing his testing methodology. He co-founded Weekend Testing – a worldwide movement for skilled testing authored six small books under the theme “What If” downloadable at his blog. His latest book is available at www.leanpub.com/50mistakes. His friends associate the terms – ‘Change Agent, Idea Man, Motivational’ to him. He tweets under @ajay184f and loves to have long conversat,ions on software testing and life in general. He is currently working with GSPANN as Senior Director – QE. LinkedIn Twitter 

Test Leadership without a Title

When Musk told Mayank about his promotion and how he can now lead in testing, Mayank couldn’t resist highlighting how he was also of the same opinion. He then highlighted about the concept of “Leadership without a Title” and in Testing. We do see multiple testers complain about various things everyday and forget that everyone has the power to provide at least 15% of solution to any problem (Liberating Structures).
Let us hear about Mayank’s journey through the lens of Rahul and Ajay.
You don’t need a title to be a leader. A leader is someone who leads the way, adds value continuously, accepts things that they don’t know and is ever learning. More importantly, people respect, follow and grow by working together with the leaders. Applying that to testing, how can one lead without a title? 
  • Where are the opportunities in testing
  • The usual complaints by testers
  • How titles might not solve these problems in the long run
  • Leadership in testing
  • Framework to be a leader in testing

The entire talk will be filled with real life stories of testing leadership and strategies to be successful. Irrespective of your overall experience, you can also be a leader in testing, without necessarily having a /so-called-title/