Brijesh Deb is a Principal consultant at Infosys and the founding enabler of The Test Chat Community. He has over 2 decades of experience of leading, managing and coaching teams on Software Testing and embracing the Agile mindset. Being a hands-on software tester has also helped him stay close to technology and understand the intricacies. He has been involved in testing a wide range of applications – lightweight mobile apps to the large scale industrial IoT solutions. He works with some of the top tech companies providing everyday solutions in a variety of sectors such as the Steel manufacturing, Automotive, Avionics, Semiconductor, Space, Agriculture, Material sciences and Energy sector to name a few.
Brijesh is an Agile Transformation Agent with the objective of helping organisations achieve customer excellence with a focus on delivering maximum value to customers, stakeholders and teams.
He lives in the Netherlands. When he’s not testing or thinking about it, he loves singing nursery rhymes with his son. He’s a wordsmith and loves to write on social media, especially LinkedIn. He has a passion for anthropology and loves to study human behaviour.

Interactive Session

Title: Will testing escape the Sustainability wave?

ICT will account for as much as 14% for the total global footprint by 2040, or about half of the entire transportation sector worldwide, according to new research from W Booth School’s Lotfi Belkhir.

Industry 4.0 is seeing/ has seen   emergence and adoption of new, leading edge technologies such as AI, ML, Big data, robotics, edge computing  etc have  blurred the line between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). This means more and more convergence of hardware and software. 

Today, contribution from technology to the carbon footprint is silent, yet damaging. The intersection between software engineering and the problems related to sustainability is growing. Businesses are constantly innovating towards a better tomorrow. A new software practice is emerging: sustainable software  engineering.

Sustainability is as much a priority for software development teams as performance, security, cost and accessibility.There are challenges that need to be addressed to achieve sustainable software engineering. 

What does this increased focus on sustainability mean for the testers? Do  the sustainability principles add a new dimension to testing ? How do we measure and provide feedback regarding sustainability in software engineering?  In this talk I will talk about how emerging technologies like AI/ML help in sustainability in software engineering, how we can include sustainability in software development and testing  to provide energy and cost effective solutions towards a  better, greener future

Key Takeaways 

From this talk the audience will 

  1. Learn what is sustainable software engineering 
  2. Understand how we can include sustainability in software development
  3. Learn about  8 guiding principles of sustainable software engineering 
  4. Understand impact of sustainable software engineering on testing - ways of testing, metrics, process ?
  5. Walk away with ideas to test sustainable software 

Hear what Brijesh has to say about the interactive session