Rutvik Mrug


Rutvik Mrug

Rutvik is currently QA Technology leader at Cognizant with 16 years of experience in development and quality engineering.

He has 360 degree experience in leading various technology capability and transforming enterprise customer. Currently, he is owning capability and providing delivery governance to Data, AI and Blockchain Assurance. Along with core capability and delivery responsibility, He is also anchoring capability building of emerging area and ideate 10+ solutions to help customers. Rutvik in past was spearheading solution engineering across lifecycle automation, SV and TDM. In Transformation and consulting role, he had enabled various levers for integrated, inclusive and intelligent testing to deliver significant value to customer. He is regular speaker at technology conference and keen learner of new technology like cloud, hyper automation and artificial intelligence.

Topic: Modern QA through modernization of data

Abstract: Technology has taken giant leap in last decade, we are also proud on how QA has equally come stronger. Unfortunately, One problem is consistent– i.e,, data for testing (and even for development in case of machine learning). This is echoed in last few years of the World Quality Report where test data and environment are the major impediment for effective and efficient QA.

In fact, focusing on data is need of hour as–
- AI is all about data, from training to testing
- Continuous testing will be ineffective without data automation and right data
- IOT and Microservice are based on different behaviour and volume of data

We still have hardly evolved in the way we tackled data. To modernize data, we have to adopt modern techniques to treat data like –
- AI to generate to help building AI system (training / testing data)
- Containerization of “bookmarked” data for faster data fulfilment
- API based Orchestration engine to produce E2E quality data
- Data visualization for available data
In fact, Data is the big difference between what we envision QA strategy to success of such implementation. Like application is getting modernized by adopting levers of cloud, AI, microservice, the way data treated has to be modernized to achieve common goal of modern QA.

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