#ATAGTR2022 - Round 2 Submission Timelines

Round 2: Submissions of Presentations and Self Recorded Video. This round mandates the submission of Presentation (A detailed presentation is not needed, an overview of your topic with the flow) along with Self recorded video (1-2 mins) The self-recorded video will help Jury understand your skillset in showcasing the topic to the audience. (Refer Presentation Submission Template) 

  • Presentation and Video Submission Commences: 21st June 2022  
  • Last Date for Submission of Presentations and Video:  14th July 2022 
  • Selection Notification for Round 2: 10th August 2022


Sr No.NameOrganizationTopicPhotoStatus
1Mesut DurukalIndeedIsn’t Test Automation a Silver Bullet?Selected For Round 2
2 Rahul Parwal, Khushboo Rajpurohit ifm engineering, iBASEtBug Advocacy and Beyond! Selected For Round 2
3Vaibhav Sharma Concordia University Porting Agile Scrum to IT Operations and Using Lean Six Sigma to Measure and Improve the Processes
4Sundaresan Krishnaswami IBM ISL The Forgotten Functional Test Selected For Round 2
5Mahathee Dandibhotla, Anindita RathPersistent Systems, CRISILTesting a Conversational AI (Chatbots) or How To test a Chatbot or ChatBot Testing 101
Selected For Round 2
6Mahathee Dandibhotla, Anindita RathPersistent Systems, CRISILFallacies in Software Testing
Selected For Round 2
7Deepak KoulRed Hat Getting past Peter's Plateau - Career advice for Testers Selected For Round 2
8Geosley Andrades ACCELQ A.I. - Friend or Foe? - Demystifying its implications for Testing Selected For Round 2
9Ashok Kumar Transunion Confession of a Test Leader Selected For Round 2
10Dan ČermákSUSE Using openQA to test Linux distros and Appliances Selected For Round 2
11Sowmya Sridharamurthy Lytho A good automation should be like relay not marathon
12Ashwini Lalit, Anadi Misra Digite Building in Quality (right first time) in Microservices architecture
13Sreedhar Babu Alisetty, Goutham Kumar Kuchibhotla VOIS VOIS End to End Test Strategy for Defect Cloning
14Riccha Sawhney, Ganesh Arote VOIS Esim - Future of connectivity
15Subhash V Kotra Tide Platform & Technology Servicing Private Limited Testing Flutter Apps
16Subhash V Kotra Tide Platform & Technology Servicing Private Limited Testing Strategy with Testing Pyramid
17Meenakshi Raina VOIS Test Managements and Best Practices
18Rahul Parwal ifm engineering How to test without requirements
19Dimpy Adhikary , Rashmi Konda Thoughtworks Technologies , Happiest Minds Red Light Green Light in Test Automation - Driven by TDD
20Karri Surya Harika , Raavi Sivanagatejahimani GSPANN Technologies Experience of Learning API Testing in 30 days
21Prabhakar S GSPANN TECHNOLOGIES My first 100 Days of Automation Testing
22Shriya Thirumala GSPANN Technologies Understanding of Software Testing by a Newbie Tester in 2022.
23Sujith Sukumaran Testlio The Quality Advocate Role – Necessity, Opportunity and Lessons.
24Ajay Balamurugadas GSPANN Technologies, Inc. Fake Agile? Let's accept the reality! Selected For Round 2
25Ajay Balamurugadas , Rahul Parwal GSPANN Technologies, Inc. , ifm engineering Test Leadership without a Title
Selected For Round 2
26Sumit Mundhada VOIS, Vodafone Optimizing Software Testing using Artificial Intelligence Selected For Round 2
27Mahathee Dandibhotla, Anindita RathPersistent Systems, CRISILChaos Engineering and What it means for the Testers?
28Kiruthika Ganesan SelfThe Power of Example Mapping!
Selected For Round 2
29Hitesh Prajapati PMCHarnessing Java's reflective nature to fast-track Cucumber script development
Selected For Round 2
30Ajay Balamurugadas GSPANN Technologies, Inc Test beyond the Obvious – Is it even possible?Selected For Round 2
31Gauravkumar Bipinkumar Soni PMC “Resource Bundle” – Key to enable localization support for any solutionSelected For Round 2
32Giri ShankarCognizantAutomated E2E Performance TestingSelected For Round 2
33Sowmya SridharamurthyLythoWix and wane of cross testing team
34Puja Sakhia , Vishal Parmar PMCLoad Testing Beyond the Apparent Approach
Selected For Round 2
35Nimesh Bhatt PMCDevice Farm – A platform which cultivates Mobile Devices
Selected For Round 2
36Adil Iqbal Khan VOIS Project/Program Agile Test Strategy.
37Adil Iqbal Khan VOISTest Management agility at JIRA- Writing and Splitting Stories Skills
Selected For Round 2
38Radha Yadav KPMGHow to build a Testing Team using positive mindset
39Balaji Santhanagopalan Siemens digital industries Using Programming languages for practicing testing
40Saurabh Bhardwaj, Prakash Pawar, Shrinivas Kulkarni VOISThe Anatomy of BDD - The Three Amigos

41Craig Risi REPL A Tester’s Guide to Unit testing
Selected For Round 2
42Craig Risi REPL Making User Stories More Testable
43Bhumika Makwana PMCUnveiling the recent DevOps buzz & It's perks
44Marek Lof CIMSOLUTIONS B.V. Engaging in Culturally Connecting Exploratory Testing
45Ajay Balamurugadas GSPANN Technologies Accessibility Testing: Mindset over Tools
46Ajay Balamurugadas GSPANN Technologies Exploratory Testing: The last talk on this topic
47Varuna Srivastava Thoughtworks Technologies Automating Flutter Apps Selected For Round 2
48Gayathri Mohan, Pallavi Vadlamani Thoughtworks Technologies Continuous testing strategy for CFRs Selected For Round 2
49 Omkar Mele, Shubham Pawar Testrig Technologies Mobile automation framework for native, hybrid mobile automation and web application using BDD. Selected For Round 2
50Shubham Pawar , Nisha Thorbole Testrig Technologies Mobile Automation Using Karate Framework Selected For Round 2
51Aliasgar Chaiwala Testrig Technologies Karate - Simple and Unified Test Automation for BDD Selected For Round 2
52Kanwarpreet Singh Khurana , Nitasha Rawat Infosys Limited SRE – what does it imply as a tester? Selected For Round 2
53Jency Stella Billennium IT Services SDN. BHD. Codeless API Testing with POSTMAN
54Somanath Gaikwad, Harish Raut Testrig Technologies Front-end end-to-end Automation using modern JavaScript framework. Selected For Round 2
55Kunal Samel , Rajani Sinha CeX Webuy Entertainment Private Limited Karate UI and Report Portal - UI Automation made easy. Selected For Round 2
56Rasika Vyawahare IBM Shift Left to Test Right!!!
57Pricilla Bilavendran Billennium IT Services SDN. BHD. The Unuttered, and the Unaware: Unconscious Biases Selected For Round 2
58Vishwanath Manogaran Cognizant Operational Excellence – Approach for Alerting & Monitoring in AWS Selected For Round 2
59Shailesh Gohel , Rishil Bhatt Litera Microsystem Performance Test Engineering - Beyond Record and Playback Selected For Round 2
60Kashif Qadri, Anka Banday Axelerant , Yarikul Infotech Prioritising test cases using simple tools and techniques for regression testing
61Balvinder Kaur Khurana,Pranesh Gaikwad Thoughtworks Technologies QA and Agile on Big Data Projects Selected For Round 2
62Sunita Mallik, Harsh Bhatia Litera Microsystem Big Data: The Right Approach of Testing
63Balvinder Kaur Khurana Thoughtworks Technologies Data Quality: the holy grail for a Data Fluent Organization
64Pratik BadkarCognizant Performance Engineering Approach for Mobile Device Level Apps(Native/Hybrid) Selected For Round 2
65James Thomas Ada Health Walking the Talk: Random Exploration of a Chatbot API Selected For Round 2
66Lewis Prescott Cera Care Flipping Integration Tests Upside Down Selected For Round 2
67Robinson Raj Baskaran Cognizant NFT Solution for Sapiens IDITNFT Solution for Sapiens IDIT Selected For Round 2
68Kavin Arvind Ragavan, Ranganath HR CognizantObservability Frameworks for Performance Testing & Engineering Selected For Round 2
69Chidambaram Ganesan GSPANN Tech Learnings from devising a Test Strategy for an org
70Kavin Arvind Ragavan, Ranganath HR CognizantApplying SRE principles to Containers- Kubernetes Chaos Engineering Selected For Round 2
71Chidambaram Ganesan GSPANN Tech First 100 days as a Lead Tester in a new org
72Manish Chauhan, Preeti Varshney Fiserv India Pvt. Ltd. Automation adoption for Architectural wonder of Honeycomb- Microservices testing
73Tejaswi Sedimbi CognizantPerformance Testing Terminal Based Applications using Open-Source tools Selected For Round 2
74Chidambaram Vetrivel, Nitin Gupta Dentsu World Services SFCC Utility Creation using Automation Selected For Round 2
75Chidambaram Vetrivel, Chintan Shah Dentsu World Services UAT – QA’s worst Nightmare! Why?
76Chidambaram Ganesan GSPANN Tech What does it really mean to shift testing left?
77Chidambaram Ganesan GSPANN Tech Mentoring Testers - Enabling newbie testers to be ready for the future
78Devamalini Devaselvam , Vishal Kumar Cognizant Overcoming the limitations of licensed Database Tools by customized operational tool
79Chidambaram Vetrivel, Venkatesh Belde Dentsu World Services Adequacy in Manual Security Testing Checklist Selected For Round 2
80Poornima DMS Mitel Networks Impact Analysis\Succession Analysis for Testcase Design Abstract Selected For Round 2
81Sanket Mali Browserstack Automated testing for AR/VR application using simulation API Selected For Round 2
82Noorein Fathima Gspann technologies Testing as Shared service
83Hina Sharma IBM Testing in the Cloud - Deploy and debug an application deployment on OpenShift Selected For Round 2
84Pushan Ghosh , Anwesha Roy ChoudhawryCognizantNon- Functional testing for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Selected For Round 2
85Arnab Majumdar CognizantChaos Engineering and DevOps - an integrated approach to software resilience
86Amit Kapoor Cognizant Jmeter-Taurus Integration Selected For Round 2
87Saurabh Bhardwaj , Anubha Bagui VOISDoes Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast? Selected For Round 2
88Thivya lakshimi , Abinaya Velusamy Thoughtworks Technologies Shift left your CFR tests Selected For Round 2
89Harika CognizantJMeter with selenium webdriver plugin
90Ruba Roshen Cognizant GUI Automation for performance test data creation Selected For Round 2
91Poornima DMS Mitel Networks Security Testing of Web Apps Selected For Round 2
92Genesis Thomas Gnanadhas Isaac Testim Checkout how Testim leverages AI for fast test authoring, auto grouping, auto completing steps, auto improving locators and test insights Selected For Round 2
93Nandhini Chandran Accenture Azure Cloud based JMeter suite with Realtime monitoring Selected For Round 2
94Mohanpriya P , Hema Latha Cognizant Test your Infra Resilience in a Boring way or in “The Best way” Selected For Round 2
95SathishKumar Selvaraj, Shyamala Ravichandran Cognizant Test Strategy in a Digital Project
96Nikhil Bhandari Jio Platforms Limited Road to full stack quality engineering journey Selected For Round 2
97Harsh Sahay , Sakthikannan Subramanian CognizantAutomated Visual Testing – Adobe Experience Manager Author and Front End – Let’s save time Selected For Round 2
98Sakthikannan Subramanian, Gajapathy Rasamala CognizantAutomated Accessibility Testing – Enabling accessibe product delivery to clients without discrimination Selected For Round 2
99Harsh Tamrakar , Devendra Patil ifm engineering private limited, Pune Testing of Embedded Systems GUI. Selected For Round 2
100Vikas Kataria , Kumudha Ganesan Cognizant Black Swan Events Vs Online Trading Selected For Round 2
101Chandan Sharma CognizantLoad testing GCP Pub/Sub using JMeter Selected For Round 2
102Venkatesh Jayaraman, Rahul Tripathi Cognizant Next-Gen Quality Engineering - A bilateral shift-left testing by adopting and abstracting innovation Selected For Round 2
103Venkatesh Jayaraman, Naresh Karipe Cognizant Multi-Agnostic Automation framework for retail sites using Dynamic Polymorphism
104Keerthiprabha Pasupuleti , Kulkeet Yadav Cognizant True Cost of an Unplanned IT Outages
105Mukund V. Zalke UST BlueConch Introduction to Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Dapps and How to test Smart Contracts ? Selected For Round 2
106Anoop Raj, Maheswaran Kulandhaivelu CognizantRobotic Process Automation for Smart Meter Testing
107Tamilselvi S, Raviraja P Cognizant Live Monitoring of containerized Application with Prometheus integrated with Grafana Selected For Round 2
108Dhairya Thakkar, Sakthikannan SubramanianCognizantCloud Testing Selected For Round 2
109Manisha Selva K , Aarthi V CognizantAutomated Performance Test Execution & APM Monitoring in Devops Environment
110Karthick S CognizantCyara end - end IVR testing Selected For Round 2
111Meera Vyas, Poorva Pal Litera MicrosystemAi-chatbot-testing- Best practice and strategy Selected For Round 2
112Jaisudhan Selvaraj CognizantAutomated Biometrics NFT in Continuous Testing and Monitoring Selected For Round 2
113Gayathiri .B , AbdulGafoor.P CognizantOverview of K6 in performance Testing & DevOps
114Apoorva Ram Qapitol QA Testing is more than Banging Keys
115Arun Narayanaswamy , Veeresh Erched Amadeus Gitops and Chaos Testing - a marriage made in heaven
116Saisuresh M , Karthick Sekar Cognizant Performance test report publishes graphical Visualization Using Junit plugin in Jenkins pipeline
117Satbeer Singh Bhatia Josh Software Inc. JIRA Dashboards: An effective way of Agile project management
118Sujit Pathak SelfCompliance Testing – a must adherence for any organization Selected For Round 2
119Ravisuirya Indepedent Test Consultant Is Accuracy Alone Enough to Determine ML Model's Efficiency?
120Munisha Venati CognizantMy Proactive Upskilling journey
121Sakthikannan Subramanian ,Dhairya ThakkarCognizantEnd-To-End Performance in Cloud Platform Selected For Round 2
122Rahul Mukherjee KyoTek Measure twice—cut once : Benefits of DevOps with TDD