Vivek Rajagopal


Vivek Rajagopal

Vivek is a Performance Test Analyst with 7+ years of experience in IT Industry. He has good experience in Banking, Retail, and Manufacturing & Logistics domains for the customers in APAC, USA & UK regions. He is Passionate in delivering the best solutions & Quality product to customers. Keen in exploring new aspects in testing activities and interested in topic like IOT, Machine Learning/AI, Micro services, Digital Transformation and DevOps. His Focus is in learning new tech aspects & Solutions, which helps him to improvise his career knowledge along with organization benefits. He is a Bachelor of Engineering – Electronics and Communication.

Topic: GraphQL for CICD integration with JMeter in accomplishing removal of test data preparedness manually

In the today’s world, the performance testing is becoming a critical component during the lifecycle of a product and in the production. So the necessity to do the load testing covering the various scenarios with various test data is the key in successful performance testing and rolling out to production. In the process of rolling out to production, there would be necessity to run tests across environments and then comes the pain of test data management for each and every test environment and produce them and alter them, etc. activities and integrating them with the DevOps pipelines.
To overcome the issue of generating and manually extracting the test data from the systems for executions, it is good to make environment and run time variables externalized to scripts such that in a user properties file and generating the required test data via the GraphQL component embedded with the JMeter script

Problem statement:
1. Running across various environments
2. Availability and extraction of test data for each and every test
3. Externalizing the environment, run time parameters and test data
4. Manual clean-up of the test data and run time files generated during the test
5. Making them accountable in Shift Right or Shift Left executions
6. Using JDBC sampler is not a solution here in this our particular case as the limitations are there with using them in the Azure Cloud

The runtime test data generation and integration to CICD pipeline was achieved by the use of following:
1. Use the JMeter with GraphQL query language
2. Integrate the JMeter and GraphQL with DevOps tool Azure DevOps

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