Unmesh Gundecha


Unmesh Gundecha

Technology focused IT professional offering vast experience leveraging Software Engineering, Agile Software Development, Test Automation & DevOps methodologies to deliver highly effective and creative solutions to business and technology challenges. Utilizes highly attuned analytical skills to develop IT and business strategies employing leading/cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity & efficiency and organised with a strong capacity to prioritize workload, delegation, and steer project completion with established deadlines. Experience in building and leading small to a large specialist team on critical project deliveries. Passionate about Technology, Automation, UI/UX and Design.

Author of “Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook” & “Learning Selenium WebDriver with Python” published by PacktPub. Technical Reviewer of “Appium Recipes” & “Ruby Recipes” from Apress.

Topic: Chaos Engineering

Chaos engineering originated at Netflix. The engineers at Netflix wanted to ensure that cloud-based distributed streaming services were robust enough to withstand unexpected failures such as network failures, data centers going down, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, or any type of failures in the production. After the success at Netflix, Chaos engineering has become an important discipline in modern distributed and cloud-based software development.

Chaos engineering enables software delivery teams to experiment with various types of failures, identify risks, and define the mitigation approach for failure scenarios. There are various tools & techniques available for teams to automate Chaos testing in a CI/CD pipeline to continuously experiment failures and gather feedback to improve the resiliency of the system.

This session will introduce Chaos Engineering to testers and how they can participate in this discipline.

This session will cover the following topics:
• What is Chaos Engineering?
• Principles of Chaos Engineering?
• Tools & Techniques
• Chaos Testing and the role of testers in Chaos experiments?
• How to build skills in Chaos testing?

There will be a hands-on demo of a chaos experiment using an open-source tool.

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