Surendran Ethiraj


Surendran Ethiraj

Surendran Ethiraj is an enthusiastic solution provider, keen on exploring new technical skills. He is very fond to innovate on the upcoming technologies from the angle of software testing, he have owned and developed a lot accelerators/QA services which enable companies to achieve Shift-Left and at times Shift-Right.

He have gained expertise on various levels of software testing across applications like API, Web, Mobile and Thick client and always ensured the application being developed or tested will be of high quality.

Topic: Shift-Left With AI/ML (Quality Intelligence)

In today's quality assurance space, the most popular coinage is AI in Quality Assurance".

The intent or thought behind is to speed up or reduce our testing cycles and ship our product faster to the market.

In this session Surendran would like to showcase what industry is expecting us (Test Engineer's) in 2020 to achieve as part of "AI in Quality Engineering". Along with that how could leverage ML (Machine Learning) and achieve a Shift-Left towards design and development.

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