Maaret Pyhäjärvi

The 9th edition of the Global Testing Retreat 2024!

Sociotechnical Guardrails for AI-Driven Application Testing

Date : 8th December
Time: 12:30 pm
Hands -on Session (60 mins)

With machine learning, large language models and retrieval augmented generation applied on text, voice, images and video, there’s plenty of things AI out there. For ‘acting humanly’ framing to AI, any software doing things humans could do gets bundled in the new wave of AI-driven application testing. Armed with mindset of evaluation and amplifying fail signals, we are educated with great examples of the many ways these technologies fail. We have less education on the guardrails on how these technologies add to results of testing and productivity. We need the warnings to make sense if we are ok with all of this, yet the time to listen and deliver warnings is time away from figuring out the guardrails to succeed with this. Succeed with what is available to us all today, even if not yet perfectly packaged.

In this talk, we go through three demos, framed with a perspective of someone who cares about results of testing and value of testing perspective in software development. We have people around with these augmented intelligence solutions, and we need a conversation that is framed with the change of testing and curiosity, rather than fear. We need sociotechnical guardrails providing us useful solutions. Given there is a problem here, how do we work with AI so that we recognize and mitigate the problems? How do we move from value of fun to value at our work and discuss use of time in a frame of curiosity, building a future we can and want to be around? How would you use AI for it to be useful to you and your organization?

Time used on something is time away from something else. You’ll use time listening to this, and chances are you’re able to navigate the waters of AI-driven application testing a little better, today.

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Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Tester Extraordinare; Director, Consulting at CGI

Maaret Pyhäjärvi is an exploratory tester extraordinaire and Director, Consulting at CGI. She is an empirical technologist, a tester and a (polyglot) programmer, a catalyst for improvement, a speaker and an author, conference designer and a community facilitator. She has been awarded the two prestigious global testing awards, Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person 2016 (MIATPP) and EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award (2020), selected as Top-100 Most Influential in ICT in Finland 2019-2023 and awarded Tester Worth Appreciating Award in Finland 2022. She’s spoken at events in 28 countries delivering over 500 sessions. With over 25 years of exploratory testing under her belt, she crafts her work role into a mix of hands-on testing and programming, and leading and enabling others. She leads TechVoices enabling new speakers, volunteers in Selenium Project Leadership Committee driving standards-based browser automation, blogs at and is the author of three books: Ensemble Programming Guidebook, Exploratory Testing and Strong-Style Pair Programming.

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