Sowjanya Asapu


Sowjanya Asapu

Sowjanya is a Test Automation Lead with 10 years of QA experience in the IT industry.
Proficient in designing and developing Automation Framework, drive Automation/ Performance strategies, developing new tools and processes to ensure quality goals are met.

Prior to LTI, Sowjanya worked as Selenium automation lead for British Broadcasting Center and Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance London, UK
She has exposure to DevOps and integration of Automation Framework and scripts on Continuation Integration (CI/CD) with tools like GIT, docker, BrowserStack & Jenkins.
Development experience on Web apps using Selenium, AutoIT, Desktop application by using Sikuli based framework,
Rest API and Appium. Test frameworks used- Page Object Model, TestNG, Junit, BDD Framework using Cucumber, protractor, Nightwatch & page factory.

She is currently working as a Test Automation Lead in Larsen & Toubro Infotech wherein she has the ability to work independently on assigned QA activities
and responsible for executing organizational QA standards and test procedures.


Topic: Multiplatform Test Automation Framework Solution with CI/CD model

Test automation is the core of testing strategy for digital transformation, extending end-to-end automation for test ecosystems, in order to sustain agile and DevOps modes of application development lifecycles. Whether testing a large-scale web app across various desktop and mobile browsers, or native iOS and Android apps on lots of different devices, a full suite of automated tests ensures the quality of the product and confirms seamless application functioning. There is no readily available open source tool/ framework to cadre multiplatform automation with CI / CD Support.

The idea for tool implementation is to deliver wide range of platform end to end QA automation under one umbrella named as Multiplatform Framework which will allow scripted testing for Web, Mobile, Desktop, API, connected TV devices & Performance. This will be achieved by designing a framework using different opensource libraries like Selenium, Appium, Winium, Sikuli, JMeter and REST Assured to test Web, Mobile and Desktop applications also integrating it with popular CI /CD tools as one schema.

The framework can combine and add to existing tools to create more powerful technologies to meet automation business needs and we can extend technologies that may only be available in a single language package to multiple packages. As automation needs change it can get adapt to new toolset which are more advantageous than others or remove the ones which are deprecated also, we can switch backend technologies without any effect to the end user script.

The framework will consist of 4 components -
• Test Suite (Application Project): The test scripts will be created using wrapper methods which will be accessed via client driver jar file.
• Client Driver: This will contain language specific client drivers in form of wrapper classes and base code.
• Framework Engine: This will accept and respond to the commands from client driver (of any programming language) acting as a HTTP Server (Request & Response) and it will also take care of required file dependencies.
• Test Lab (Execution Environment): This will run the scripts in a disposable docker container based on the browser/OS requirements of the test.
The Framework will enable following key features -
• Cross Platform Support to enable Automation for web, desktop and mobile platforms (Functional, UI, API, Performance testing) through single codebase.
• CI/CD Support enabled using Jenkins, Docker and Zalenium with parallel execution.
• Language specific client drivers to support popular languages like Java, Python, Javascript etc.
• Minimal pre-configuration due to common codebase & steps for automation scripting irrespective of platform.
• Easy swap out backend technologies to reduce dependence on specific technology stack.
• Real Time Execution Metrics and Live preview of execution.

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