Sophia Raphael


Sophia Raphael

Experienced test manager with a track record of locating bugs in programs before they are not released into the marketplace. Exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to find creative solutions to issues. Excellent leadership skills to train others how to carry out the numerous processes that are needed. Excellent in communication with the clients and ensuring all the requirements are understood well.


-Effective programming skills and ability to code
-Able to lead a team by conducting effective monitoring on everyone to ensure people work productively
-Prowess with systems evaluation to determine if corrective action needs to be taken
-Familiarity with a wide array of different types of software, including HP UFT, Selenium java, Python,SOAP UI, HP ALM, Rally, JIRA, API Testing and Jenkins.
-Knowledge regarding how to effectively troubleshoot personal computers.
-Excellent communication skills which is very well appreciated by all the clients.

Title:How to automate desktop applications using Open-source tool Python - PyWinAuto? A practitioner’s session for QA on desktop automation & integrating with Azure DevOps for continuous testing


Although the demand for desktop app testing is not growing as fast as mobile and web application testing, it’s still a crucial day-to-day duty of many testers, especially those who work on sophisticated legacy systems in complex enterprise environments. Ignoring desktop app automation is simply a luxury that they can’t afford. There are multiple software's available in the market that can automate the desktop applications. But if we want an open-source tool that can perform desktop automation and integrate the same with various cloud platforms then Pywinauto+Pytest would be good selection. This workshop/Lab session would highlight how QA can create test scripts that can automate desktop applications. Also, would provide an insight into how to integrate the same with one of the cloud providers using Azure DevOps.