Sneha Viswalingam


Sneha Viswalingam

Sneha Viswalingam is Staff Software Operations Engineer at Zoll Lifevest in Pittsburgh, USA. She started her career in the exciting field of Test Automation in Silicon Valley where she got opportunities to learn and grow in the field of QA in different domains. She is now expanding her love of automation to the infrastructure side of things and developer productivity. Sneha blogs, speaks at tech conferences and creates videos related to testing, automation and professional development. She highly values community building and the human side of the industry as much as the technical side

Title : Managing Test Infrastructure with Terraform


Abstract : Virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure can be used to scale test automation by reducing investment in physical hardware needed to set up the test environment. Using the distributed testing infrastructure, web applications can be tested on a variety of browsers and operating system combinations. 

In this talk, we will go over the evolution of test infrastructure and take a deeper look at how to design and manage a solution that is scalable, on-demand and cost effective using Selenium Grid, AWS cloud and Infrastructure as Code solutions.


Target Audience:

QA Engineers, Test Automation Engineers, Devops Engineers, Test Managers

Skill Level:

Beginner, Intermediate

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