Sneha is a Tech Leader in the Quality Engineering space. Currently she is the Director of Quality Engineer at Everfi. She shares technical knowledge by blogging, speaking at conferences, and podcasting. Sneha is a value-driven engineer with deep interest in engineering technical solutions as well as, building high functioning, creative and psychologically safe teams. Sneha created Code her Stories, a community for career level-up enthusiasts to help motivate, inspire, and retain people in technology. It’s a YouTube podcast series where she interviews awesome people in tech about their professional journey, best practices, career advice and so much more.

Interactive session

Title: Testing in the E-Learning world! 

Ever wondered how an e-learning course is tested? Come join this session where I walk you through the different aspects to consider while testing an e-learning platform and course and how we found innovative ways to achieve a better, faster way to improve the test coverage. 

In this talk, you will see: 

  • How Everfi Courses are Built 

  • How we test the courses using Model Based Testing

  • Why we built a tool for Automated Test Generation

  • Time Savings & productivity with the tool

  • Shortening of QA Lifecycle