Smitha Gopinath


Smitha Gopinath

Smitha Gopinath is the Head of Bengaluru department of Retail and Customer Management (RCM) within Travel Channels R&D division at Amadeus Software Labs India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru. Smitha is a technology leader, innovator and strategist with a background in software development having vast experience in domains such as enterprise software development, consumer technologies, retail, marketing technologies, customer analytics, fintech and travel technology. She is passionate about all aspects in the arena of digital transformation and customer centricity.

She has worked with companies like Xerox, CA, Microsoft, Target, and Amazon in the past. Recently, she was awarded with the IIM Bangalore Top 50 EGMP stars award in Oct 2019. She has also won national and global level social entrepreneurship challenges. Smitha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Electronics and Communications from AIT, Chikmagalur, a Research Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire, UK and has also completed an Executive General Management Program from IIMB.


Topic: Testing strategies for digitally transformed customer experience

Abstract: How do we put customers at the centre of all the endeavours to build a digitally transformed enterprise? The need to build authentic and seamless customer touchpoints are more prevalent today than before because this is the era of ‘customer obsession’ and we need every trick of the trade to build and sustain a momentum of engagement with the customers. A well-designed customer experience brings unequivocal brand loyalty and helps the products to be embraced for what they are built and helps generate a competitive advantage that makes customer come back for more. All digital transformation strategy needs to focus on building a customer intimacy and that means they must begin with customer experience. Customer needs are now ranging in a spectrum and which means they demand better and better experiences that are faster, consistent, authentic, responsive and high performing. Digital transformation entails embracing the emerging technologies, and this is an incomplete exercise on its own. What makes it absolutely rewarding is to marry this with the growing needs of the customer.

This brings us to our session – “Testing strategies for digitally transformed customer experience” where we analyse the proliferation of new technologies into creating newer frontiers in customer experience by looking into key strategies and tenets of customer experience testing. We will look into inherent and extraneous customer behavioural patterns clubbed with the vast customer data bringing insights through analytics and the use digital channels and technologies and how we can define and execute customer experience testing. We will explore the idea of A/B testing, Customer first inputs, persona -narrative testing, Customer adoption testing, Consumption pattern etc., as a part of this interactive talk. Customer experience testing needs to pan all through the lifecycle of a product and beyond – from idea, conception to implementation and roll out, and all the way through adoption and loyalty there by putting the customer in the centre, at all points, always.

This interactive talk will focus on the latest testing methodologies used in Agile processes like test driven development and automation centred testing flow etc., to show how customer experience testing needs to be the starting point of a successful digitally transformed customer journey as well as the destination.

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