Sivaranjani Nagalakshmi


Sivaranjani Ramasamy Nagalakshmi

  • I have around 10 + years IT experience with expertise in Performance Testing
  •  Experience in Software Development Life Cycle, Software Test Life Cycle, Software QA processes in Waterfall and Agile Methodologies.
  •  Expertise in End to End performance testing – Requirement gathering, Test Effort Estimate creation, Test Planning, WorkLoad Modeling, Creation of Test Scripts and Scenarios, Test Executions, Monitoring, Results Analysis , Identifying bottlenecks and interacting with respective teams to fix the issue, provide high level recommendations if any. and Test summary Report preparation.  
  • Expertise in Performance testing tools like LoadRunner – with web(HTML/HTTP),webservices protocols , Jmeter – test script design and implementation of continuous integration in AWS code pipeline
  • Experienced in executing different types of Performance tests like Load testing, Stress testing, Endurance testing, Spike testing, Failover testing and Batch Jobs testing.
  • Expertise in monitoring and analysing servers using Perfmon, HP SiteScope, Nmon and AppDynamics.
  • Conducted organisation level training program for performance test tool(Loadrunner) in mentoring the members from various domains and platforms.
  • Ability to establish priorities, self-driven and lead the team without any issues with strong problem solving and analytical capabilities 

Title: AWS CodePipeline Zero Touch DevOps Performance suite 


In the Emerging DevOps world, the popularity of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery of Agile methodology has exploded in recent years largely because it has proven to have immense benefits for the rapid release of high-quality software. After each code commit, the software is built and tested under various dimensions. While unit and functional tests have become standard practices of good software delivery, load and performance tests have been a bit neglected in many workflows, reserved for specially scheduled events, and generally conducted manually by a group. In part, this is because load and performance tests have tended to involve complex and brittle scripts that require dedicated teams and are difficult to automate or run quickly enough for fast feedback. Though AWS CodePipeline is such a powerful automation framework for managing continuous delivery process from start to finish, however, there is limitation in directly integrating MicroFocus LoadRunner & JMeter with AWS CodePipeline. Other available options like Load Runner Cloud plugin or BlazeMeter for Integration with AWS CodePipeline comes with additional licensing cost and test suite maintenance. AWS CodePipeline - Zero Touch DevOps Performance suite is a pragmatic approach and scrimping solution for executing the performance test lined-up in DevOps continuous delivery process for AWS CodePipeline.