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1. Full paper
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For Games, Skits

1. A synopsis or a small write up on how you plan to conduct the same
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For Tutorial and workshop

1. Table of Content (with time duration for different section) of the workshop / Tutorial
2. Lab setup/Installation instructions if it is a technical lab
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version, you are allowed to make revisions post submission.

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Sr. No. Code/Key Author Name Paper Title Organization Country Photo
1002 Himani Yadav and Brijesh Deb How analytics is reshaping testing?! Viewics and Sogeti India and Netherlands
1003 Arun Kumar Dutta Digital Experience Monitoring with Continuous Performance Mandatory for Digital Business Atos USA
1006 Brijesh Deb I think IoT poses challenges to verification and validation... My boss thinks otherwise!!! Sogeti Netherlands
1008 Bhavani Sruti Somaraju Do you know why your app was uninstalled? This can be one of the reasons! ProMobi Technologies Pvt Ltd India
1011 Yogesh Ramesh Khairnar Yes, we know that; "Quality is everyone's responsibility". But, how? Mediaocean Asia Pvt. Ltd. India
1012 Bhavani Sruti Somaraju Have you tested for securing Corporate Data in Personal Device? ProMobi Technologies Pvt Ltd India
1015 Vishal Prasad Usability Testing for Everyone - Visible improvements every 30 days ThoughtWorks India
1016 Ramkumar Arumugam Liberating Testers from Testing - Leftshift with RPA Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1017 Jyoti Shah Protractor_With_Cucumber Cybage India
1019 Snehal Kudale Karate framework – REST API testing made easy!! Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1020 Shama Ugale Automating Conversational AI Thoughtworks India
1021 Kushan Amarasiri Viper – Adding Masala to Test Automation Codehouse Sri Lanka
1022 Kushan Amarasiri BDD made simple with SpecFlow Codehouse Sri Lanka
1023 Kushan Amarasiri Full stack web services testing with Postman Codehouse Sri Lanka
1024 Kushan Amarasiri Creating awesome framework with FluentLenium Codehouse Sri Lanka
1025 Jay Parikh RPA: Aid in Test Automation Streebo Inc. India
1028 Pooja Tyagi Azure DevOps Integration for Load Testing Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. India
1031 Vinayak Kumbi Automating API Testing with Groovy, Json and PowerShell Epicor Software Corporation India
1032 Jyoti Shah Emergence of Full Stack QA Cybage India
1034 Marco Vermeulen Consumer Driven Contract Testing with Pact Codurance United Kingdom
1035 Ramprasath G Elementary Performance Modelling for iOS Mobile Apps using XCTest Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1036 Hariprasath Madhan, Arun Manickam, Shyam Vasudevan, Anitha Jothi and Avinash Lalithkumar Security Testing Needs in Healthcare Iot
Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1037 Sai Subramanian What's your Cloud Assurance strategy? LTI India
1038 Ramprasath G and Kamalakannan M Client Side PT using CXOptimize Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1039 Nithin Athreya S and Saravanan Lakshmikanthan Demystifying AI & ML Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1040 Supriya Bhosale and Nilesh Kherdikar Digital Assurance for Connected World Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1043 Vitthal Bobade and Ravikumar Kanasagra Automate Functional testing of Android & iOS Application using cucumber, Appium and Ruby
Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. India
1044 Thiruvenkateswaran Ramachandran Orchestrating IoT Dreams with Assured Best Practices Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1045 Tushar Suryakant Pillay and Bhavani Sruti Somaraju Puppeteer as a tester’s third hand! ProMobi Technologies Pvt Ltd India
1046 Dhamodharan Sakthive and AshokSrinivasan Sathiyamurthy BlockChain – New Global Resource and Second Era of Internet. Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1048 Murali Gunasekaran Business Assurance for Voice Assistants Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1049 Yatheshth Upadhyay, Sushant Gaikwad and Swapnil Admane Future-proof Applications with Resilience Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1053 Anuradha Raman Security Assurance Encore Software Solutions Pvt Ltd India
1054 Nilanjan Chanda and Sibsankar Majumder Re-imagining Quality Assurance in the age of Digitization: With Customer Centricity at the Core Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1056 Vinod Sundararaju Antony, Senthilkumar Thirumalaisamy, Santhosh Kumar Vasudevan TOP 10 QUALITY ENGINEERING BEST PRACTICES TO ACHIEVE QUALITY-AT-SPEED Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1057 Senthilkumar Thirumalaisamy and Vinod Sundararaju Antony AI led Intelligent Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1058 Vinod Sundararaju Antony and Senthilkumar Thirumalaisamy Assuring Quality for AI based applications Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1060 Suhardhini Kannapiran and Varadharajan Srinivasan Testing in the Agile World Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1061 Pallavi Shetty and Anjali Sharma Re-engineering performance strategy of deep learning applications using TensorFlow – a powerful AI package Edgeverve Systems LTD India
1074 Prasannababu Rajendran and Hemavathi Veeramani Virtualization in Assuring Blockchain Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1078 Ritika Khatter, Esha Goel & Mrinal Haldar Bonsai: A Framework Enabling Continuous Testing in DevOps for multi-vendor enterprise system Amdocs India
1079 Varadharajan Srinivasan How do we test One Billion Data set in One Hour? Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1080 Lalitha Kumari Aguru TestPal-The AI Robot (Powered by ML and NLP) Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1085 Siji Ambika Sreekumar, Hemanth Haridas & Joan Margaret SAP HANA Performance Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1086 Sherlin Mathew Play is the highest form of research
Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1087 Nilesh Sonwane, Rajesh Iyer & Santosh Kadve Mainframe Driver – Mainframe Implementation of Selenium WebDriver Xpanxion International Pvt. Ltd. India
1088 Rakesh Kondreddy Visual Test Automation Using AI powered solution Ellucian India
1089 George Aldrin Fernandez, Veena Prakash & Sandeep Menon Strategizing Big Data Performance testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1090 Sandeep Menon, George Aldrin Fernandez & Veena Prakash Elasticsearch and InfluxDB based performance testing framework Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1091 Rathika R & Nivetha Davidson User Experience Testing in DevOps Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1093 Yogesh Panse & Manoj Bharati Early performance software testing in Agile world Allscripts India
1094 Archana Kanchanapalli, Gowtam Balusu, Konda Deepika, Sravani Chintala, Sailakshmi Adimulam, Sagar Manchala, Damarla Sirisha, Rohith Sudam, Phayaz Shaik & Srikar Agile Process implementation - Addressing common challenges
Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1095 Pavithra & Kavin Aravind Securing IoMT Healthcare Devices- A Future Perspective Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1097 Nagesh Deshpande Mind Maps Driven Behavior Driven Development & Testing Cynosure, A Zensar Company India
1098 Chaitanya Deshpande Continuous Testing in Cloud Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1099 Rutvikkumar Mrug Blockchain and Continuous Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1100 Arun Divakaran Mechanics of Aerobics in the Digital Testing Era Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1102 Hamsaraj Balan & Mathiyarasu Narayanan NextGen Quality Assurance in Digital Analytics Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1103 Arbhik Roy Concept of Digital Twin in IOT Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1109 Rajesh Kumar Gaddipati Performance Engineering and Performance Testing with Quantum Insights-Combinatorial Optimization Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. India
1112 Mohan Sadasivam & Astha Paliwal Benchmarking Hadoop by its Functional/Performance Testing and Leveraging to Current Business Expectations. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd India
1114 Karthikeyan Mohan & Prabhu Krishnamoorthy Testing in the Agile World
Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1117 Harish Govindankutty, Anitta J Mukkumkal & Vinu EK Predicting Application Performance using Multilayer Neural Networks Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1122 Smita Gulhane Bawadhankar & Shailendra Lonare Splunk and ELK: Capabilities as Data Analytics Tool and Production Monitoring Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1123 Bhavani Sruti Somaraju Voice of Android Device about installed applications to a Quality Analyst ProMobi Technologies Pvt Ltd India
1124 Arnab Majumdar & Lavanya Kalaiselvan LearnAndTune Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1126 Vasanth Navamani & Karthick Prasanth S Containerized Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1128 ShriKant Vashishtha The No 1 unit-testing best practice: Stop doing it! Malonus India
1130 Santhosh Subburaj Decoding Performance Issues using Supervised Model of Machine Learning Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1132 Harshala Nagarkar An Approach Towards Set-Top-Box Performance Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1134 Rukmani Muthukaruppan & Pradipa Thennarasu Selenium To Neoload Conversion Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1135 Sumalata Ancher & Arjun Gowda Explore hidden Agile values and Principles – 'Ball Point'
Allscripts India
1136 Chandralekha Robertson AI Integrated SDLC Model and Strategy Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1137 Chandralekha Robertson & Srudhi Krishnan CD/CI implementation for Cloud Performance Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1139 Chinmaya Kumar Sahoo & Vijai Krishnamoorthy Artificial Intelligence v/s Human Intelligence: Game ON!!! Allscripts India
1140 Himanshi Bhatt Performance Testing for Blockchain with Simulated System Allscripts India
1143 Tushar Suryakant Pillay and Bhavani Sruti Somaraju Plan for your migration testing! So that you don’t get migraine. ProMobi Technologies Pvt Ltd India
1146 Tarunkumar Rathod Bug Visibility Model Allscripts India
1147 Priyabrata Das Performance Testing using Locust Zycus Infotech Pvt Ltd India
1148 Supreetha Keminje & Rajneesh Goyal Curtailing Automation Impediments: Refactoring Automation Framework Architecture by Leveraging design patterns and dependency injection Allscripts India
1151 Arpita Sharma 18 levels * 54 blocks, Don't let the tower Fall. Jenga Analogy for API Automation Testing in Agile.
Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1152 Vipin Jain & Dr. Anubha Jain Searching Lost QA in DevOps World Metacube Softwares India
1154 Arokya Samy A11Y Testing for Mobile Apps 6Drops Technologies Pvt Ltd India
1156 Kushan Amarasiri Full Stack Windows Test Automation with Hedgehog Framework Codehouse Sri Lanka
1159 Kushan Amarasiri Learn to cook a good Selenium test automation framework with Python Codehouse Sri Lanka
1163 Kushan Amarasiri Power of Test Automation with Cypress Codehouse Sri Lanka
1165 Nabin Ghosh & Aliasgar Chaiwala Building a CI/CD Pipeline in Azure DevOps Capita India
1167 Prabu Monkayarkarasi Ayyappan, Nishore CL & Vidhya Srinivasan Test Automation for the Agile World Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1168 Raushan Raj Future of Automation testing with AI & ML Allscripts India
1171 Anitha G & Karthika k PerformanceTesting ForApplication in CloudFoundry Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1174 Mahalakshmi Chockalingam & Eswari M Unlocking Knowledge – You Know You Grow
Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1175 Rajesh Kumar Krishnasamy & Krithika Senthilnathan Big Data Performance Testing using JMeter Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1176 Bharathi Golla & Ganesh Padmanaban Blockchain Quality Assurance & Scalability Testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1177 Dinesh Paduchuri, Ajay G Suresh & Shreevathsa Test Automation at Low COST and Low DEPENDENCY Allscripts India
1178 Ajay G Suresh, Dinesh Paduchuri & Shreevathsa Wearing Customer’s Shoes - Customer Focused Approach into Consumer Strategies Allscripts India
1185 Noor Mohamed Jaffer & R.V.Prasanth A Reliable Test Automation Infrastructure Solution Using Zalenium for Continuous Testing Environment Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1186 Ajay Balamurugadas Systematic Product Modelling: A quick way to learn any product Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1189 Noor Mohamed Jaffer M & Rajendran Ezhilarasan Self-Service Automation Metrics Dashboard Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1190 Kushan Amarasiri Creating a fully fledge test automation framework with Python Request module Codehouse Sri Lanka
1191 Kushan Amarasiri Automate your Windows applications with Test Stack White Codehouse Sri Lanka
1194 Pankaj kumar Security testing using ML(Machine learning), AI(Artifical intelligence), Deep learning(DL) Allscripts India
1195 Rajkumar Ponnuraj & Prashanthi Rajkumar Testers 2.0: Where Quality meets conformity
Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1196 Michal Vanek & Ondrej Grof Learning from data through experience - our story of continuous testing Avast Software Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
1205 Ajay Balamurugadas What does Sherlock Holmes teach us about testing Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1211 Ajay Balamurugadas Building general systems thinking skills Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1215 Snehasish Roy, Rekha Shetty & Umashankar Reddy AIML Driven extensive reusable Automation Asset Management Process (AIM) for “QA/QE/Testing Org” Amdocs India
1216 Snehasish Roy & Roshan Shetty Augment automated test design and in parallel automation by leveraging parameterization in DevOps Amdocs India
1232 Anish Anand Jha iOS App Automation, github and jenkins integration Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1244 Kushan Amarasiri Test Automation Framework Creation with Protractor Codehouse Sri Lanka
1247 Kushan Amarasiri Mobile Test Automation with Calabash Codehouse Sri Lanka
1248 Kushan Amarasiri Mobile Test Automation with Espresso Codehouse Sri Lanka
1249 Deepak Koul Building a scalable, self healing selenium docker grid on openshift. Red Hat India
1250 Prachi Uday Kulkarni Effective Test Governance and Management by COBIT 2019 & ITIL4 for today’s Testing GoodTech Consulting Pvt Ltd India
1251 Santosh Neermanvikar Will AI in Test Automation Replace Testers? AI based Testing Tools and Trends Allscripts India
1257 Bairagi Muduli API automation using postman Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1258 R Ajith Athithyan Windows application automation using Ranorex Studio Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1259 Dheeraj Karanam Lessons learned from servicing 75+ customers Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1264 Dheeraj Karanam Alexa, can you help me achieve the best test coverage? Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1273 Dheeraj Karanam How did I fail building the greatest testing team ever? Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1274 Mahesh Chikane Testing (and understanding) beyond the Tip of the Iceberg Zycus Infotech Pvt Ltd India
1275 Sarah Lovely & Raja RajKaliappan Performance testing of Chatbot Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1276 Dheeraj Karanam Heuristics to Test and Report User Experience Assessments Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1278 Manjunath K Performance testing of a RESTFUL API using Jmeter and importance of Performance testing Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1280 Anupama K M How to test EMR domain projects Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1281 Anju Testing angularJS Apps using protractor Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1282 Debashree Dibyadarshini Network analysis using Video Optimizer Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1283 Vikash Narayan How to make selenium scripts more stable? Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1284 Arokya Samy How to Test Android Instant Apps 6Drops Technologies Pvt Ltd India
1286 Ajay Balamurugadas 10 tools for testing productively Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1293 Ajay Balamurugadas Three games to learn testing skills Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1294 Ajay Balamurugadas Usability Testing - from Zero to level three Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1297 Ajay Balamurugadas 8 things to measure in every project Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1298 Ajay Balamurugadas 50+ tools to boost your productivity Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1301 Somasundaram I, Satheesh P & Shabnam Customer Experience using DSM (Decision Strategy manangement) Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1304 Ajay Balamurugadas How to avoid distractions in testing Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1305 Ajay Balamurugadas Metrics in testing Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1307 Ajay Balamurugadas The right induction for testers Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1311 Ajay Balamurugadas Get out of the well, you tester Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1316 Ajay Balamurugadas How to be an idea generator Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1321 Anju & Neeraj GraphQL-Data query language for API Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1322 Bharat & Chaithra How we automated submitting 100+ papers for ATA GTR from Qapitol QA Qapitol QA Services Pvt. Ltd India
1323 Kushan Amarasiri Ruby Selenium Test Automation Framework from Scratch Codehouse Sri Lanka
1329 Tarunkumar Rathod, Vimala Magdaline & Niyati Saun Redefine Quality
Allscripts India
1330 Manjunath Batti & Savita Patil Software Testing in Salesforce ET Marlabs Pvt Ltd India
1333 Vimala Magdaline & Madhan Natarajan Innovative Games to Teach Agile Manifesto and Agile Principles
Allscripts India
1339 Kushan Amarasiri Fantastic End to End Test Automation with NemoJS Codehouse Sri Lanka
1340 Suneeta Palande, Sachin Sangle & Niharika Dutta QA alignment in DevOps world LTI India
1342 Jegadhish S & Sowmiya A R Getting Robotic Process Automation Right Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1346 Aishwarya Hariharan & Gayathri Rajendiran Do we really need QA Managers in Agile world Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1347 Sowmiya A R & Jegadhish S Assuring IoT-Based Patient Care Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1348 Vimala Magdaline Easy Work Order Text Generator Allscripts India
1349 Prutha Phadale & Elbin Mary Thomas Digital Customer Experience Enhancement LTI India
1350 Shama Ugale & Nalinikanth Mesala Visual Regression with Applitools Thoughtworks India
1352 Ambrini Sukumaran & Jegadhish S EHR Blockchain and its testing Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1354 Nikhil Bhandari Quality Engineering journey from shift left to shift right and beyond Play Games24x7 India
1356 Kushan Amarasiri Selenium Web Driver Automation with WD in NodeJS Codehouse Sri Lanka
1357 Kushan Amarasiri End to End Web Test Automation with Test Cafe Codehouse Sri Lanka
1358 Brijesh Deb Honey, Someone robbed my data from my home, I thought it was smart…! Sogeti Netherlands
1359 Kushan Amarasiri Integrating REST Assured with Serenity BDD Codehouse Sri Lanka
1360 Kushan Amarasiri Automate Realistic Stories with Serenity BDD and J Behave Codehouse Sri Lanka
1361 Jibendu Narayan Mazumder & Arpan Sarkar Swallowables – The Next QA Frontier? Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1362 Brijesh Deb Testing time for Mobile Applications – What must the CTO do? Sogeti Netherlands
1364 Rakesh Aradhya, Harish Auradkar, Sumalata Ancher & Shanand Chandradas HackJack - Hack the hackers
Allscripts India
1365 Janani Krishnan Integrating Jenkins with Performance Center for continuous Performance Testing IBM India
1367 Vipul Shrivastava Application Insight, A new way of Telemetry Cognizant Technology Solutions India
1371 Anand Bagmar Visual Validation - The Missing Tip of the Automation Pyramid Essence Of Testing India
1372 Navneet Chhabra Bugonomics
Amdocs India

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