Shawn Jaques


Shawn Jaques

Shawn is our esteemed panel discussion (“Codeless Automation – is it a FAD ?”) member. 

Self-motivated, productive, no-BS, product marketing and product management professional with 20 years of enterprise software experience. Led projects across digital, go to market, product, technical and competitive marketing. Product marketing and industry knowledge across the SaaS and software delivery lifecycle including software development, testing, DevOps, deployment, cloud, storage, security, and operations management.

Expertise in product and offering lifecycle including strategy and opportunity identification, requirements prioritization and management, segmentation and positioning, product introduction, messaging, sales enablement, demand generation and nurture, fulfillment, and performance management.

Title: It’s Time to Rethink TestOps


TestOps is more than improving collaboration between testing and operations—been there, done that. But now that you have an agile team with developers, QA, product owners, etc. all contributing to testing, how do you scale effectively? This talk will discuss how scaling end-to-end testing is more important than ever. We will illustrate how the new TestOps provides a methodology for improving test planning, building governance, improving the management of tests and teams, and driving the insights you need to continuously improve quality.