Shailesh Gohel is Seasoned engineering leader managing and leading QA Teams across multiple locations at Litera Microsystem. Passionate about Test Automation and Performance Test Engineering. One of the enablers/founders of CSQA – A Community for Software QA Professionals, hosting various events for QA Professionals based out at Ahmedabad Gujarat. Believes in “Test Early Test Often”.   

Performance Test Engineering - Beyond Record and Playback

Performance Testing - We all have heard this term and most of us consider this activity as a Virtual Users Load Generation & Capturing the Response activity. It is actually much more than this.  

A Performance Engineer’s job is not over by just sharing the response time and quoting how slow application is. This is where the real work starts. Why the response time is not meeting SLA/NFR & what are the problem areas are the questions we must ask, address, and discuss after Performance Test Execution.  

Join this Workshop to understand what can be and should be done after Performance Test Execution.

Estimated Time (Minutes)
Brief on Performance Testing - What / Why / When?
2.30 sec
What is NFR (Non-Functional Requirement)
2.30 sec
What mistakes people make when doing Performance Testing?
5 min
a.Performance Test Execution with GUI mode (Script pre-prepared using industry standard best practises) Focus would be on best practices one should follow.

b. Execution on Distributed Mode

c. Grafana + InfluxDB setup for Live JMeter test execution monitoring
10 min
How to - Result Analysis using Aggregate Report, Result Tree
5 min
How to - Generate HTML Report
5 min
How to - Server Logs Analysis
5 min
APM Tool Demo
10 min
Performance Test Engineering Framework
10 min
60 min