Rajni Singh


Rajni Singh

Rajni has worked in nearly every software development role – dev, test, DevOps, security, performance, and program management in her career. Proficient in developing automation framework with high-quality services, performance engineering, and developing a strategy for emerging technologies like blockchain, conversational AI, IoT, AR/VR. She is passionate not only about maximizing efficiency in her technical skills and in her strategies but also, about sharing best practices among colleagues and the tech world at large.

Topic: Testing in the hyperconnected world of IoT

a. Introduction about the hyperconnected world and IoT
b. Why IoT could not make to production?
c. Uncertainties of IoT
d. Why testing is crucial in hyperconnected world
e. Business use case with a practical demo
f. How do we address the challenges
g. Methodology, Approach & Process
h. Recommendations and best practices
i. Take away

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