QuizATAhon was an integral part of #ATAGTR2016 and #ATAGTR2017 and #ATAGTR2018, it is back again...

Remember this is your entry pass to the best and most fun filled global testing conference.

#ATAGTR2019 #QuizATAhon will be a series of quiz's starting from 8th April 2019 till 10th November 2019.

There would be in total 8 quiz competitions. (Once every month)

8 Winners will get a chance to attend #ATAGTR2019 at no cost at all and 16 runner ups will be able to attend the conference at extremely discounted rates.

This time the quiz will be focused not only on Selenium related questions but related tools like Maven, Junit, TestNG, Jenkins, Cucumber and other tools too like Postman. The quizATAhon competition is powered by CP-SAT, CP-DCT and CP-WST programs.

New quiz questions will be uploaded 10th of every month.

Quiz winners will be announced during the first week of subsequent month. This means that the first winners will be announced during the first week of May 2019 and subsequently in respective months.

QuizATAhon 1 Winners


Rakesh Kondreddy

1st Runner up

Vishal Kapoor
Cybage Software pvt ltd.

2nd Runner up

Saurav Dhamapurkar
EPAM Systems

QuizATAhon 1 Correct Entries

1. Kavya M S - Allscripts

Last date for QuizATAhon 2 submission is 31st May 2019

  • Which TestNG test will be executed on 2nd position
            public class test {
                public WebDriver driver;
                public void One() {
                    System.out.println("Test Case number 1");
                public void Two() {
                    System.out.println("Test Case number 2");
                public void Three() {
                    System.out.println("Test Case number 3");
                public void Four() {
                    System.out.println("Test Case number 4");
    • Test Case Number 1
    • Test Case Number 2
    • Test Case Number 3
    • Test Case Number 4
  • if no DOM elements match the query, findElements() method will be returning NoSuchElementException is it true or false?

To view all the questions and to submit your responses for QuizATAhon 2 Click Here

Rules and Regulations for #QuizATAhon 2019

    There would be one winner and two runner up for every QuizATAhon Quiz

  • For each month's quiz the start date and end date to submit the responses will be mentioned on the respective page.
  • Duplicate entries from the same person will entail rejection of all the entries.
  • If there are more correct entries winners will be chosen randomly.
  • Each correct entry for every month's quiz will garner 50 points for their respective organization.
  • All correct entries will have their name and company name shown on GTR website.
  • Each winner and the two runners up name and photo will be showcased on #ATAGTR2019 – quizatahon page.
  • Each of the three winners will also get a digital certificate.
  • Every month's winning entry will garner 250 points for their organization on leader board and runner up will garner 100 points each.
  • Each winner for every quiz will be able to attend the #ATAGTR2019 at no cost.
  • The winner entry prize is non-transferrable and non-redeemable
  • The runners up for every quiz will be able to attend the #ATAGTR2019 at 2000 INR plus taxes for both the days, if they want to attend any single day, they need to pay just 1000 INR plus taxes.
  • *No travel cost or stay cost would be provided to the winners and runners up to attend the conference.
  • Employees of ATA cannot participate in any quiz.
  • QuizATAhon curators cannot participate in this quiz.

#QuizATAhon 2019 Curator Team

Amod Mahajan

Senior Software Engineering

Bhavani Sruti Somaraju

Senior Quality Analyst
ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Rajesh Iyer

Associate Architect - SDET
Xpanxion International Pvt Ltd

Dhiraj Bendale

Quality Assurance Engineering, Tech Lead

Narendra Gupta

Agile Testing Alliance

Aditya Garg

Steering Committee Member
Agile Testing Alliance

Anand Vyas

Principal Consultant

Prasad Jambotkar

Senior Test Automation Lead

Brijesh Deb

Agile Testing Evangelist
Sogeti, Netherlands

Jyoti Shah

Cybage Software

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