This is Puja Sakhia, a passionate Senior Automation Test Analyst with 7+ years of experience in the IT world, currently associated with Paul Mason Consulting, Vadodara. In my entire thrilling journey, I have exceeded by serving multiple roles such as Business Analyst, Designer, Java Developer, and finally Automation Engineer.

From my tenure as a graduate with IBM India, to a product-based Australian MNC and now PMC India, I have served different clients from petroleum, insurance, banking, travel and retail. 

With the desire to learn more about automation, I was able to obtain opportunities to work on web, desktop, and process automation. I’m gradually increasing my horizons over API, performance, and load testing verticals as well. Being a Computer Engineering graduate, I was already acquainted with programming languages such as Java, C#, helping me achieve this even faster. As a recent add-on, I have got a good grip on JavaScript frameworks as well. 

As I strongly believe “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”, I grabbed an opportunity to become a mentor to people who aspire to be an Automation Engineer. With this, I embarked on a lifelong learning journey.

Load Testing Beyond the Apparent Approach

You know what? In recent years, Testing has broken the shackles of mimicking user behaviour on application. One of the many verticals is Load Testing. Well, it seems to be a heavy and difficult term in comparison to Functional testing. Have you ever thought of load test happening on a real-time browser? Yes; you heard it correct. While working with one of the client’s problem statements, we grabbed an opportunity to devise a solution which is based on a realistic load testing approach.

The session is encircled around how Flood Element’s Browser Based Load Testing Approach has brought a new horizon to the world of testing, importance, benefits & limitations. Into the bargain how it can be leveraged to perform a realistic load on the application, how it provides the flavour of both front and back-end performance. As they say, cherry on the cake makes it more beautiful so session will have various statistical reports of the solution and how it has an edge over Protocol Based approach such as JMeter. 

As tagline of ATAGTR2022 says, “Test beyond the obvious”, let’s be part of the discussion and explore the not so obvious path of BROWSER BASED LOAD TESTING, shall we?