Prashant Palvai


Prashant Palvai

Current Role is Delivery Manager, responsible for Enterprise Performance Testing & Engineering services for Financial Services and Retail, CPG, Logistics accounts worldwide.

My work includes Pre-Sales, Delivery Management, Service Quality, Unit – Profit & Loss, Employee – Skill uplift, Business Development, Incubation of new service offerings within business resilience/performance assurance, Competitive Intelligence & Assessment, Redefine COE best practices/Methodologies/Process Framework, Solutioning – Emerging technologies, Performance consulting

Title: XYZ Scaling -Microservices

Abstract: While adoption of microservices increasing in enterprise application development, validating those services with more robust QA strategies is need of the hour. X-Y-Z scaling strategy is 3 dimensional to evaluate horizontal scaling(X-Axis), functional decomposition scaling(Y-Axis) and Data Sharing Scaling(Z-Axis) of microservices.