Participate in #SelQurATAhon2021 now! – It is all about curating Selenium Quiz

What exactly is #SelQurATAhon2021 ? and how is it different than QuizATAhon ?

To know more about what is #SelQurATAhon2021, please watch this quick video

One of the most commonly used open source solution to automate the browsers in the process of automation for testing, is well we all know Selenium. At Agile Testing Alliance we have a launched a unique competition around it, which is for you to Create A Quiz, and well win a prize for it as well, if it gets selected!

What questions would you like to ask someone to understand if they know Selenium?
Will you want them to know about Selenium IDE? Webdriver? Selenium upcoming version 4? And what about the Selenium GRID?

Do you think they should also know about webdrivermanager? Concepts of Synchronization? Should they know the difference of various waits Selenium offers, and what about the mighty Action Class? And what about the ecosystem, unit test framework? Design Patterns? Creating and knowing frameworks?

Its for you now to share your knowledge with us where you are the master of your own quiz creation. To participate perform the following steps –

  1. Visit the web page –, and read the instructions carefully.
  2. Click on the button, to download the word document for the quiz –
  • Open the word document, and please type in the questions and provide the correct answer for the quiz.
  • For the submission to be considered for the competition, please provide minimum 5 questions in the quiz.
  • Once completed, please click on the button

And fill in the google form. Do not forget to upload the word document of the quiz you have prepared.

The Rules of the quiz are as follows –

  1. You have to submit a minimum of 5 questions, as per the template provided. You can use image or text based questions.
  2. If the questions are inspired from some other website, you have to give the reference
  3. You have to choose a category for the questions
  4. Selenium IDE
  5. Selenium WebDriver (POM, Data Driven Testing, Action class, Select, Handling Alert / Popus .. any area)
  6. Selenium Grid
  7. Unit Test Framework(s) (TestNG, PyUnit, NUnit, JUnit)
  8. Selenium 4.x (new features)
  9. Xpath / CSS locators
  10. Others (Should be related to Selenium Eco System)
  11. You can submit more than one entry (none of your questions should be same)
  12. Each submission will garner 100 Points on leaderboard

So why wait? Participate today in the #oneofitskind #SelQurATAhon2021 by visiting the link – , and win exciting prizes.

This is the first competition for the #ATAGTR2021 event. For more details about the conference, visit the page –

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